Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Landed safely.....in Starship!

I had just the best break in Hong Kong - so great to have whole days not thinking and planning Sam. Honestly I didn't miss him - I thought of him whilst shopping and got him some clothes etc, but I didn't miss him - it was lovely to be that relaxed knowing he was safe at home. It's hard to put in words how different my week was to my normal life, but it couldn't have been much different. Lunches at lovely locations, pampered and spoilt beyond belief, but the best bit being with wonderful friends and just hanging with them......oh I could ramble but I will spare us all.

Francis and the kids came to collect me from the airport, I opened the car door and picked up Sam for a cuddle and smelt rotten fish! His GJ tube was playing up again and although Francis had had him in Starship on the Friday for a check up, it had got worse since then.....so Monday morning I was back in Starship seeing the consultant, who agreed that this site had been problematic for so long that the combination of infection and stomach acid meant it just was not going to heal, so I went home to await confirmation of when I would need to bring Sam in as an inpatient. This morning at 8.30 I got the call, so after the usual rush we were in by 11.30. The various consultants had indeed consulted with each other and come up with a plan, with the first part of the plan being completed at about 5pm tonight - to remove the GJ tube all together. So it came out, the stench made the Drs gag, ooze and grosse flowed out and it was clear that this site really wasn't going to sort itself out. The next step in the plan was to put a nasal gastric tube (NG) down his nose and into his stomach in an attempt to continue giving him his medicines. It took 2 nurses and myself to hold him down as he screamed and howled. But as he now has a gaping hole in his stomach the tube literally was sticking out his stomach about 20cm, so that was deemed a failure and pulled out. It took Sam about 10 mins of sobbing to recover from that wholly miserable ordeal. We then tried Plan C, to give Sam his meds orally, ie get him to drink them like a normal kid.... we gave him 2 of them but then pink medicine was pouring out the hole about 2 mins later, so it was agreed there wasn't much point carrying on with meds. The consultant was called and agreed to wait for Plan D tomorrow, which is we will head to radiology to have an NJ (nasal jejunal) tube put down, but this could have the same outcome as Plan B, in which case Plan E may be put into play which is where surgical step in and surgically stitch up this GJ hole and create a new one near by....

The great thing is that since this infection was first discovered about 2 weeks ago and dealt to, he has stopped vomiting. So it seems that his general grumpy spells and continuous vomiting and rough nights was due to this infection and his body trying to clear it, NOT to his condition of unusual anatomy. SO he's largely had a great 2 weeks, with the infection flaring up again in the last 3 days as his vomiting, unsettled spells and horrid smells started again.

Medically it is uncertain which plan will work for Sam, but we trust God that He knows Sam better than any of us and we ask Him for healing and sustenance for Sam and the girls as we juggle hospital and family life.

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Lynette said...

Hey Shirley and family
I often pop in to read your blogs these days...it always makes me count my blessings!! Particularly when I'm having a low day! You, Francis and the girls are totally amazing! I cant believe all the hard work you have to put in just to get Sam through his daily routine...not to mention nightly! He is just such a gorgeous wee guy & always seems to be smiling in all your photos of him!! What a treasure he must be!
Joel cut the heel of his foot the other day and had to have a local anesthetic injection to clean, bandage it etc. We had to hold him down while he screamed the drs surgery down!! LOL! But it broke my heart to hear him cry and I can only imagine what it must be like for you guys having to do things like that WAY more often for Sam.
I'm so glad you had a restful and enjoyable holiday and pray that God would continue to give you strength, courage and bucketloads of love for Sam's continuing journey to health! Bless you heaps my friend!!
Much love & hugs to you all
Lynette, Nigel & Joel Peters