Monday, March 14, 2011

Too much fun for one night!

Oh we had such fun on Saturday night, but we nearly didn't get there! On Friday Sam was really grizzly, had a temp and was clingy and lethargic....and so many times I nearly texted the nurse specialist and said I was bringing him in.....then I gave him pamol, put the fan on him and hoped and prayed he would have a good sleep.....and then he woke on Saturday his usual happy self! So then I truly relaxed and realised the party would actually happen!

Sam didn't make an appearance, as he was happily sleeping back at home with a carer on duty. It was so nice to get out and not have to think about him, to see the girls dressed up and beautiful, to see Francis in a moustache and matador outfit...and friends and family looking stunningly Spanish and festive. It really was a great night as we stumbled through the dance teachers routines, had the most amazing food I've had in a long time and laughed and caught up.

3am is a time we regularly see due to Sam waking, but this time it was collapsing in bed with memory tanks filled up and overflowing! Then it was up at 4 and 6 (with Sam!) and then 7am the day started as usual with his 'cares'.... so the tiredness must have taken it's toll as Jasmine (9) announces in a very thoughtful voice in the car on the way to school today, 'you know Mummy, you actually look older today, your skin is looking old!'. Out of the mouths of babes!

The hospital called today to say we need to be at Starship at 10am when they will take out his GJ attachment and will proceed to monitor the hole over the next few hours to hopefully see it shrink down. At an appropriate point Sam will be taken to theatre where they will put a camera in his stomach and explore to see why/what is causing his vomiting/foul smelling outputs, before putting a new GJ in. Hopefully due to the shrinkage the GJ will be more secure and able to heal around the tubing. Unless the findings are heinous we will be able to come back home late afternoon, which would be preferable because a: we don't want heinous and b: Francis is in Bangkok and would just be a whole lot easier for doing life with the girls. But as always my head is spinning with Plan A & B scenarios, even though I should have learnt by now that Plan C may have to be hatched up quickly! So if you're so inclined, do join us in praying for this problematic hole to shrink well and for the consultants to find the info they need to improve Sam's quality of life.

I leave you with a photo as a taster, but sadly as Francis had the camera I don't yet have one of us together... but they're coming. The one above is Sam chilling infront of a DVD with Jas. X


Jill said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday, Shirley. And we are praying now that heinous will not make an appearance :)

Anonymous said...

Quite a paradox that you want your children to be honest, but don't want them to be honest all the time! Wish I could have made the party. Jasmine, nice to see you dancing. Does that mean your toe is all better. Yay. Praying that you don't have to do the plan C thing Shirley and that Sam will bounce back smiling. Blessings and love from the Owaka bunch.