Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Yesterday we made it home - lovely to be home. Sam is the easiest that he's ever been to look after - all he is on at the moment is TPN - NO medicines, NO milk - just 1 little pump of TPN. He is totally happy and is having his usual 'transition day' back to life where he is not the centre of attention with everyone cooing over him.....He's been in front of a DVD in his ball pool whilst I organise a few things to get away for a short break on Thursday.

We have plans to go back into Starship on Wednesday for a review and then we will possibly start reintroducing milk and meds and seeing how it goes. We still need to get the G tube switched to a GJ, but that's a few weeks away.

For now we're enjoying the simpleness of life!

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The Doughertys said...

Happy Easter Davys. With love from the Doughertys. xx He has RISEN!! He has RISEN indeed.