Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A long day

Thanks to one and all for the texts, emails and prayers for Sam. He had a big day and he is now peacefully sleeping next to me on the surgical ward (24B) in the 4 bedded High Dependency Unit.

At 9am we wheeled him down to pre-op where he was totally happy and chirping away..... I signed the various consents and said goodbye to him about 9.45..... and I went for a walk outside in the fresh air! At about 2pm I started to get a little anxious and then at about 3 the surgeon called to say the surgery was finished, but he was still in theatre getting cleaned up and ready for recovery.... So I got to him about 3.30. They managed to do all that they set out to do, but it was a little slow going as his bowel was quite sticky with adhesions from previous surgeries.

I spent the next 3 hours with him, not even daring to turn away for a second as he was very unsettled and grabbing at all his lines, which seemed to have doubled in surgery with various infusions and drains. Apparently opiates can make you very itchy, so he was constantly scratching. He also needed to be back on oxygen as he was desating, but after 2 attempts at nasal prongs with various strength tapes we gave up as he is just too quick and strong and they were gone in one foul swoop! We have an oxygen mask lying beside his face with oxygen pumping vaguely in his direction which is keeping his numbers on track and his fingers off his face. He is on a continuous epidural for the next day or two, which is taped down his back and into his spine, so he isn't in any pain as he is numb from about his nipple to his bottom.

I would switch with him in the blink of an eye if I could.... but I can't, I just admire him as he battles on through. He is still not himself but I can see the smile has now crept into his eyes and when I asked him to beep his nose he twitched his hand in the general direction and he's on the way up.

Off to sleep now in the comfiest lazy boy I have ever laid butt in! It's great and reminds me of the premium economy seat I once flew to Hong Kong in.....ahhhh that seemingly distant memory!

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Nicholls's said...

Super Sam and family very much in our thoughts and prayers especially for steady improvement and real peace in this post-op period. M&S