Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sam is back!

Sam is back to his usual happy self and he seems completely oblivious to the fact he had major surgery a week ago tomorrow. 2 days ago his morphine was weaned off and today his 3 antibiotics (post surgery cover) were stopped. His G tube still has higher outputs than is good and his ilieostomy outputs are slowly creeping up, but it would be better if the 2 outputs could balance out and then swing the other way.

Surgically they are happy with his recovery, with all 3 sites (central access wound, ilieostomy and GJ) healing nicely and that he is pain free. So we are not required to be in hospital for recovery BUT we have now been handed back to the Gastro team for them to figure out Sam's nutrition, inputs, outputs, home meds etc. Sam does need to have his current G tube switched to a GJ tube. This is normally done in radiology but it can't happen for atleast another 3 to 4 weeks to give the new channel a chance to heal. This means we can't start enteral feeds or give him medicine via this route, although some of his meds are not required when not feeding as they aid gut motility etc. Currently he is getting all his nutrition from TPN over 20 hours. So some clarity on his fluid balance/nutrition needs to happen before everyone is happy to send us home.

Tomorrow we may migrate back upstairs if/when there is a room, but for now we are still on the surgical ward.

With school holidays fast approaching it would be great if we can get sorted and home in the next couple of days.... so we wait and see what tomorrow holds.

Sleep well. X


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well, thinking of you all, lots of love and prayers for a good recovery for Sam!
xx the Taylors

Anonymous said...

Great to hear he is back to normal after the op.

Wendy said...


Wendy said...

YAY! :D xox
From the Schwartys

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news. The Browns JFCEMK xx

Lynette said...

So glad to hear everything is going well for Sam after the op! What big medical words you know now Shirley!! I think I 'll need a medical dictionary to keep up! xoxo

The Pelans said...

So glad to hear Sam is recovering well, though we'll be praying that his 'outputs' soon revert to what they should be. (It's a good thing God knows exactly what's going on with Sam and that I don't need to be a medical specialist to pray for him :-)
Next time I eat a meal I'm going to remind myself to be incredibly grateful that all I need to do is chew and swallow. Sam is such a battler and an inspiration!
Lots of love from the Pelans xox

AZ Advanced Electrix Ltd said...

My name is Samuel everyone calls me Sam. I met Sam and he is just so adorable. He squeezes his why to your heart by just giving a smile and looking you straight in the eyes. because my name is Sam there is something I need to say to all the special people that care for mini Sam. you are doing a very splendid job.

love Sam