Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big Day Tomorrow

Sam and I will head to Starship Daystay tomorrow for 9.30am, where Sam will head into the Xray department where the fabulous radiologists will try and switch his G tube for a GJ tube which passes through the stomach and down into the top of his small intestine. This is an uncomfortable procedure for Sam so they will sedate him a bit, but he will be conscious and I will be with him as he is swaddled in a perspex frame in an uncomfortable position for around 30 mins to an hour. We are hoping and praying they can get the new tube in easily, but as Sam's anatomy is very unusual it's never straight forward for them and I totally admire and appreciate their perseverance and kindness towards Sam. Sometimes it's taken them a few goes to get it in, sometimes we've had to stop and give Sam a break and try again the next day. We are praying that I don't have to unpack my PJ's and the overnight bag stays in the car!

Once the new tube is in it's time to start him back slowly on milk feeds through this tube, but this is a whole new 44 cm of intestine that's never had anything through it (apart from stomach juices the past month).... so it's all new and we trust Sam into the care of the capable team of how to challenge his system with food, which meds to be on (he's not been on any for a month) and when to increase the milk and decrease the TPN. So it's trial time again but we are very excited for Sam, as it really is a miracle that he has come this far and this seems like real progress that will enhance his quality of life untold.

Off to bed, hoping I'll be back in it tomorrow night too.


Marybeth Weber said...

Hope for the best <3

Anonymous said...

Hi - check in here all the time for updates! Hope all goes well tomorrow! Love Paul, Gemma, Abbie & Lewis x x

Jill said...

We are praying here for you and Sam - hope all goes smoothly today.

The Doughertys said...

We think of you all often and will be praying for Sammy over the coming days. I admire your faith and your willingness to hand things over to others and to God. We love you guys. Fi and Col