Tuesday, June 21, 2011

22 June 2009 - a day we will never forget.

For many readers in NZ you would have seen on the news tonight the sad news of Aria MacDonalds death. http://aria.org.nz/

On 22 June 2009 Sam was 16 days old and in ICU at Auckland Hospital. This was the day that Hamish & Anita MacDonald entered our lives and we are richer for it. They visited us in hospital and introduced us to the world of TPN and shared their journey with their then, 3 year old daughter Aria. They encouraged us no end in the coming months and many hospital stays as we struggled with what the future may have looked like for Sam.

We have watched and prayed for their journey to the US for multiple-organ transplant, and today we weep with them. Aria battled valiantly surrounded by much love and her incredible family.

Today we weep with this special family who have lived life with tenacity, grace, generosity and hope. Our hearts are sad for their loss of this very special little girl who has literally touched lives around the world.

We know that God our almighty maker can make sense of it all where we can't and that he can and will be with Hamish, Anita & Asher in these coming days and months. We shared in the joy of watching Aria as she overcame setbacks so many times, and now we share in the deep sadness of their loss, yet comforted by the realisation that Aria is free from pain and sorrow in heaven with her maker. Words seem so powerless to convey all the heart holds and the screen is blurry from tears, so I shall stop,


Anonymous said...

xxxx - Margo :''(

Marybeth Weber said...

:( I was heartbroken when I read about her passing. She is such an inspiration to us all!!


Anonymous said...

Put a post up a while back to wish Sam the Man happy birthday, but think it didn't go through. I've been thinking about you! I wish we were rich we'd cove visit NZ! I fell in love with it the day you and your girls gave your "presentation". Remember that? Anyways, we love and miss you all! Say hello to the girls for us. Lors.

Kate Manson said...

Such sad news Shirley, I followed Aria's journey (with my class) and was devastated to see the post from Anita 8 days ago. I met them once on the ward before they left in a rush for America. I can't stop welling up every time I read something about it, what a long journey, they truly are inspiring. Just like you and your family, you amaze and inspire me with your strength, humour and love. Kate xox