Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Double Whammy UTI

Sam got a bit grizzly over late last week, so on Saturday we popped into Starship to get some antibiotics and to send off some urine samples - remember Sam has 2 separate urinary tracts. Usually he only gets a UTI in one of them, but this time it came back that he has e-coli in both urine samples. So yesterday the drug was changed, as e-coli is resistant to the antibiotic he was started on. But after several phone calls between the pharmacy, Starship and I, we are now the owners of a tablet crusher as the new medicine has to be prepared and administered on the spot. So at midnight, 6am, mid-day and 6pm Sam gets his medicine and we are hoping it does the trick and we don't end up in Starship having to be on I.V. meds.

He is sleeping more than usual (in the day!) and waking lots at night in pain, so we are hoping as the medicine kicks in this can swing the other way as sleep deprivation is now just a way of life, but one that we'd happily leave somewhere!

So far this week the girls have taught Sam to say, 'apple and car'. As we set the table a little voice pops up, 'amem, amem.....' and Sam is sitting grinning at us...... he knows that he gets to sit at the dinner table with us and that we hold hands and pray....and then he thinks he's the bees knees as he shouts, 'amem' at the end. It is very cute, but then I'm very biased!

It's just a normal week for us with the various health professionals in our home etc, but Friday will be a very different day - we look forward to seeing the MacDonald family again and being able to share in Aria's funeral, knowing that her departure from this world leaves much sadness for many, yet a chance to remember her short yet beautiful life.


Tamy said...


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Jacinta said...

Hi Shirley & Francis,
Sam is looking really great - love the new pic in his pj's! Hope is uti is getting under control now and that you are managing to get some sleep :)
I just wanted you to know that I think of Sam often & am so glad to see he is doing well considering everything he is going through.
Take care, Jacinta x

Anonymous said...

Hello Francis and Shirley,
You are all such an inspiration to me. Thank you Shirley for being so honest in your posts. Wish I was able to give you a hand other than to pray. Know that I follow your blog regularly and pray for you all often. I hope the new house transition is settling down. I miss Francis coming through Seattle for WC and hope some day to meet you and the three kids! Love, Teresa

Anonymous said...

HOwz Sammy, Sammy, Double Whammy? Is he behaving himself! MIssing your updates, hope the silence means good things are a foot.
Anna Lor

The Doughertys said...

Ha team, just wanted you to know that we are continuing to pray for you. Hope the holidays bring a well deserved break and time out from school routines and time lines. All our love from the sunny Bay. Fi and Col xxx