Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whit ded yi seigh?

Ok, so there was a Scotsman, an Englishman and a Japaneseman and they walk into a bar...... well not quite, but sometimes it feels like the United Nations is in our lounge!

Let me share a funny story from today.....

Today Sam's carer was Mrs Scotland - she's lovely and there is mutual adoration between her and Sam.... um, if sometimes just a little confusion. I was doing the dishes this morning when I overhear this conversation from the lounge as she works with Sam. 'Sumee, seigh whell'. I hear Sam say 'whell'. 'Nooh Sumee, thut's nooh whell'. 'Whell, ' the said boy pipes up, 'Nooh, shoe me yurr whell, thut's a weeell'. 'Whell,' says Sam..... 'Nooh,' says Miss Scotland. This goes on and on so I stick my head around the corner and see a confused Sam looking at his car wheels and holding a whale from his puzzle. Mrs Scotland would say, 'shoe me yurr whell,' Sam would hold up his car looking at the wheels looking confused when he got told ,'nooh'. It was hilarious. After rapturous laughter from the adults in the room, a puzzled Sam was let off the hook when I made an executive decision and called it a FISH to save his frustration.

The other photo in todays blog was taken at 5am this morning when Mrs Japan (new night watch) was busy playing with Sam. She is very sweet and lovely but seems to not quite understand that Sam is supposed to be sleeping and as cute and lovely as Mr Entertainment Package is, she's not supposed to be giving him toys and singing songs with him in the small hours. You can see that Sam has no intention of returning to sleep! As I explained the finer points of the role of 'night sleeper' as opposed to 'night player', amidst Sam singing at the top of his voice, 'Boooob ba bilber', a tired little voice pops up from the girls room, 'What IS going on Mum, why all the noise?' So it might be a bleary eyed Davy family for the day whilst Mrs Japan goes home to her comfy futon!

Mrs South Africa and Mrs UK popped in yesterday to check out Sam and today Miss Filipino is making an appearance.

With this menagerie of lilts it's going to be very funny to hear what accent Sam acquires...... I'm just relieved that there are no accents in walking as this poor boy may have had the strangest gait you'd ever have seen!

Ahhhh, laughter really is the best medicine.

Have a good day. X Shirl


Anonymous said...

hahaha - great story! Sam is looking great! Brilliant to see him doing so well! Love Paul, Gemma, Abbie & Lewis

The Doughertys said...

Bi-lingual children do very well I hear and are generally very intelligent............that is evident by the fact that Sammy can have the nurses singing to him at 5am and still look so innocent!!! Maybe he could add Maori to his list. Much love, the Doughertys xxxxx

The Doughertys said...

Hi Davy family, I am taking that no news is good news which is brilliant if thats the case. Think of you all the time and just wanted you to know that we continue to pray for you. Hope you are all well. Much love, Fi, Col and kids.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant to catch up on ur and Sam's news - it feels like a while since I last read the blogs - the great thing about that is all the massive development for Sam, but sorry not to have been part of praying when he went through bouts of illness and even surgery. All well back in the UK - missed Francis for a new wine sleep over this year! Can begin to believe you could yet make it back! Hugs to all, Clare, Dickon n co