Sunday, August 28, 2011


Yesterday I took a call from Sam's consultant, asking how he was. I don't normally get social calls on a Saturday from him, so I knew something was up.....and it was his sodium levels. I explained that Sam was the best he'd been in literally months - this past 6 days he has been sleeping through (A.mazing!), virtually no vomits and been active and happy to walk whilst holding someone's hands. His facial eczema had flared up, but otherwise he was great. So I took Sam up to Starship for another blood test incase the earlier result was from a contaminated sample. I went home to pick up the girls and then got the call at 5pm to say that he really did have high sodium levels that were concerning and I had to bring him straight in. So I bundled the girls and their belongings into the car (Francis is in Canada) and dropped them at their cousins (both very happy about this impromptu sleepover as they have rabbits and a wii!) and back to the ship called Star.

So Sam is now not having TPN, but is rather just on a fluid solution to try and get his sodium levels down. The blood test this morning was slightly better, but not enough to convince anyone to let me escape. Tomorrow we hope to get a kidney/bladder ultrasound to see if that can shed some light and the dieticians etc will re-think his TPN. His TPN was altered a little a few weeks back, so all his inputs need to be re-looked at. I get the impression there is puzzlement due to the good condition Sam looks to be in - totally happy, looking strong and no signs of dehydration or other symptoms normally tied up with high sodium.

It's strange being back - it's been about 4 months, which is the longest we've had Sam at home in a stint.... but he is a very different boy now to look after in hospital. He wants to be out in the corridor where the action is, he hates being in his room and wants to 'walk, walk' as he points at his buggy. It's great he can communicate now, but my days of lying about reading novels whilst my baby sleeps are long gone..... I must remember to bring in my pedometer next time to see what mileage we do.

We are hoping and praying that we can get this sorted soon and get home - it was so lovely to see Sam improve last week, so this is the proverbial spanner in his works. But we are peaceful and are asking God to sort it all out and help Sam and the girls cope in the midst of this.

Thanks for your ongoing prayers and interest for our dear little man. X


Anonymous said...

Hi there . We do hope this will resolve quickly, I love the pics you posted, just super gorgeous. Marianne xx

Anonymous said...

Hi there . We do hope this will resolve quickly, I love the pics you posted, just super gorgeous. Marianne xx

Suga said...

Bummer Shirl - back in again... thanks for posting, coz otherwise, wd have no idea! Hope you're clocking up those pedometer steps!!
Depending on how long you're in, will try and get in to visit. Praying. xxx

Kate Manson said...

Thanks for the update Shirley, you guys are always in our thoughts and prayers xox