Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Home again

Yay, that was just a short stay.....as I walked in this afternoon with Sam he said, 'Home!'. His speech is coming along great, and it was nice to hear him figure out where we were.

There is still some uncertainty why Sam's sodium went up so high, and it is still slightly higher than is normal, but there are a couple of theories - last week Sam stopped vomiting (day AND night) which was fab, but maybe this is why his sodium had risen as it hadn't been expelled. The other theory is that possibly his gut is absorbing more nutrients than first thought.

So we've been sent home with TPN that has had the sodium and trace elements altered and have to take Sam in to the local lab for blood tests on Saturday. We have a follow-up appointment on Monday at hospital, where he is also due to have kidney/bladder ultrasound and a dental appointment!

Off to unpack in time to get to school to surprise the girls - they've had such a fab time with their cousins that they may be disappointed the inpromptu holiday is over!

X Shirley

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The Doughertys said...

So neat to see Sam looking so flippin cute and on the move. He's a bum shuffler, just like our Sammy was. Keep making Sam stronger and surprise us with all you do Lord. Also, we pray for your marriage that it to will remain strong. My sister is a statistic of a broken marriage due to having a chronically ill boy. We ask that God will watch over you both and that your family will remain tight knit. Much love, the Doughertys. xx