Tuesday, September 6, 2011



Buzzee Bees (BB) nose has gone AWOL - his nose has gone from a round cute dot to a malled bitten flat thing with stuffing falling out.

BB was last sighted at Starship Hospital yesterday, Monday 5 September. First sighting was at 10am at Gastro outpatients clinic, 2nd sighting was at 11.40am at a Dental appointment with him lying face down on a sleeping toddler, 3rd and final sighting was at 13.00 hours where he was seen being squeezed to near death during a renal ultrasound on level 2 comforting a screaming toddler (reports are it was the same toddler).

BB is seen wherever Samuel James Davy goes. Without BB Samuel has to endure blood tests and many other nameless torturous procedures alone. Without BB Samuel can not sleep.

BB is not considered dangerous, but needs approaching with caution as he is only used to small people. He is approximately 30 cm tall, has 2 distinguishing antennae, was last seen wearing a yellow and black jumper, but sometimes wears a black and yellow one. He has no visible tattoos, but has 2 yellow wings, although he is flightless.

Having searched all local toy shops, spent hours 'googling' and surfing Trade Me, no sightings of any of BB's siblings have been found.

There is a reward for any information or apprehending of a BB look-a-like. The reward is the satisfaction of knowing one Samuel James Davy will have comfort without a nose-less bee. Each person passing on tips as to the locale of a BB, will receive a photo and personalised hand print of Sam Davy and BB.

If YOU know of the whereabouts of a BB lookalike, please do call your local police station or send us a comment on this blog BEFORE approaching BB - We only need one - not 23, so please do contact us with your sighting and we will make arrangements for full reimbursement of BB and postage and packaging! The first person that contacts us also receives a set of free steak knives (or not!).


Suga said...

You are HILARIOUS my friend!! Hope you find one - BB is very cute!

viv said...

Shirley - even though I SO know this is a very serious matter - you are one of the most entertaining people I know! Hope BB turns up - will keep my eyes peeled:) viv

Anonymous said...

Having been at Lamberts when Taylor lost Gaga a few years back, i can fully sympathise with the importance of this beast to your boy. Happy hunting and praying for a boost to your patience until a suitable solution happens, with love marion.

Elaine said...

I know how this feels!!!! As Marion said Taylor lost Gaga, it was only for about a night but it made for a very long night! we managed to find another but she wouldnt have it brand new so after a few hours of cutting whiskers, rubbing it on the fireplace and scratching it's eyes, all was solved! We will keep an eye for bee, a visit to arataki honey might be on the cards.
love ya, x

bronheslop said...

Will keep my eyes open for a new BB. We had this with James's Charlie (the Cheetah), when he was little... packing the house up last month we found a courier bag with two spare Charlies that we had had sent up from Wellington, in case of emergency! Totally relate - hope you find a new one soon!

The Pelans said...

Oh dear, this is a dilemma! I've just done some internet searching in the hope that there's a BB lookalike in the US but to no avail. I found an extraordinary number of Bee soft toys, some of which are very similar to Sam's, but they don't quite cut the mustard. Did someone make it for him? We hope you find a suitable replacement soon, and that Sam's sodium levels are sorted soon too. Thanks for such an entertaining blog! Although we don't comment much, we read Sam's page often and are delighted with his progress!
Love from the Pelans xoxo

Anonymous said...

this may bee BB's cousin? He has a red nose and running shoes!

unfornuately he is British so would help if you knew someone in the UK.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Looks like they are still available in Christchurch?

Good luck with BB!

Anonymous said...

not sure if you have been told but some people on Trademe found this http://www.barnabybee.com/

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I think I have your bee's cousin!! Can you post an email address please so that I may send you a photo, and if he is in fact the right bee I will send him to you at no cost :)