Friday, October 14, 2011

and then the glitch!

QUICK UPDATE, SAT 11am: Overnight Sam had high temps and a previous line sample grew yeast. They think that the GJ swap has stirred up a yeast overgrowth in his stomach and infected his blood. At the moment he is settled with paracetemol at 38 C, but still fluctuating up to high 39s.... so he's a sick wee boy and we are hoping that the 2 pronged antibiotic approach (IV and oral) will mean he doesn't lose this line. It does mean that we are here indefinitely, so the holiday will start today with Francis and the girls and we will swap mid week, if all goes to plan..... plan.....hmmm....we plan in our heads and pray and see what each day holds.....the girls are young and we are trying to help them to deal with disappointment, but it's not easy for them. Sam is dozing and restless, but trying to sleep. He wakes each time the rescue helicopter lands and takes off (4 times this morning) as he is really scared of the sound. I'm sad:- sad watching Sam struggle (he hasn't been this sick in a long time); sad that our family will be split up again, but glad the girls can get away and have fun; sad yet again that our marriage is relegated to texts and tag I allow myself the tears and a brief pity-party and then bolster myself for the girls arriving in soon with Francis and resign myself to the fact that this is the best place for Sam right now.

I write this from 26b..... holiday on hold, Sam has a high fever, girls in tears at missing holiday....not a happy place was our house this morning. We aren't quite sure what is going on, but after 2 amazing days and nights of no vomits, Sam woke in the middle of last night with a high temp and vomitting. Atleast it seems the vomits are not the old problem, but just a bodies normal response to a 39.5 degree temp.

So I was in Starship CED about 8am, having kissed a couple of disappointed little girls who were holding back tears - it's hard for them as they are genuinely concerned for Sam, yet they are little girls feeling fed up and disappointed, so we had cuddles and I explained it's totally normal and fine to feel fed up and sad....but they've had a lovely day with friends again and will be packing up tonight and going on holiday with Daddy tomorrow.

Sam had all his usual samples taken to try to pinpoint the issue - urine, blood and stool. So far they have ruled out rotovirus and line infection, but looks like could be UTI in his right kidney, although at time of writing he has bounced back to 39.5 after sitting around mid 38s today. They have started him on another antibiotic.

So it's a day/night at a time, just waiting and praying and hoping he perks up soon so that we can join the family. I was so looking forward to just being the family for a week - not the usual house full of various carers and medical people and spending time with Francis after months of him being away....but for today that is not to be, but we are praying that Sam will bounce back quickly and the source of infection can be found and treated.

X Shirley


Kate Manson said...

I'm crossing everything for a quick recovery too Shirley - you so deserve a family holiday, I hope it happens xox

Jill said...

I really feel for you, Shirley, and will be praying that God will give you His grace and peace to endure everything, especially the disappointments. We haven't met in person, but maybe we will sometime - we are expecting to be in Starship for about 10 days in December, and while I hope you and Sam are not there then, if you are, I'd love to meet you both.

Francis and Shirley said...

Would love to meet you Jill. All the best for your inpatient time coming up - hopefully we are not an inpatient then, but probably will have outpatient appointments so would love to pop in to see you. Thanks for your prayers, best wishes, Shirl

Kate said...

Drat!!!!! I was hoping and praying for good news when I turned on my computer :(
Dig deep, stay strong, pity parties are healing and normal xox

Jacinta said...

We are sad that Sam is feeling so unwell. I know what it is like to have everything going well, only to have your world turned upside down again so quickly. We are hoping that Sam recovers quickly and that you can all have some family time together soon. You are awesome parents and Sam is so lucky to have the family he has x

Marybeth Weber said...

Sorry to hear that Sam isn't well, and you and your family are broken apart again! I hope Sam recovers quickly <3