Friday, October 21, 2011

Doing Gr8!

Sam had the best night last night - off O2, his face back, breathing well and sleeping well.  It was decided to increase his milk from 35 ml/hr t 38ml to see how he tolerated it....and he tolerated it well, not waking once, so tonight he is going to go up to 40ml/hr.  Last night his sodium levels were still too high and not sure why, so he wasn't given his TPN but clear fluids instead.  This morning on their big 'paper round' the culprit was found - the pharmacist realised that the fluconazole (antifungal) that is given IV has a high sodium content!  So there was relief that the solution was relatively simple and they will reduce the sodium in his TPN until his IV antifungals are stopped - possibly next Wed.  So for now we are able to take Sam out and about for a couple of hours each afternoon, in between medicines.

Francis & I swapped today - he is in Starship and I brought the girls home to face the unpacking from their holiday and to look forward to a nights sleep in my own bed.... aaahhhh bring it on!

Thanks for praying for Sam - he's doing great today and we just have to ride out the next few days before hopefully getting him home.
X Shirley


Kate Manson said...

Yay! Nice to read today's post. Keep up the good work Sam xox

sam said...

It was so nice with Sam and Francis at the hospital yesterday. We had boys night, we blow bobbles and played games. Sam gave me same good cuddles and even blow me a kiss when I left. You boys know how to have a good party.
Thanks Sam


The Doughertys said...

great news, so stoked that our wee man is on the upper. must be a huge relief to you. xxxxxx dockers