Monday, October 17, 2011

A Good Day

A quick update: Sam did go in to surgery at around 1.45 this afternoon where they took out his central line and he came out with a new temporary perepheral line in his right arm. Francis had brought the girls in for a quick visit from their holiday, so they had fun painting dolls in the play room and then we had lunch whilst Sam was in theatre. They then headed back to the beach having had lots of cuddles with me and having a lovely holiday - so nice to see them happy and it's not easy for either Francis or I wishing we could be in two places at once. Sam really adores his Dad and through out the day he will look at me wistfully and say, 'Daddy....oohhh' and screw up his face into sadness - it's very cute and endearing.

The Drs informed us that the Infectious Disease (ID) team have requested that Sam undergo a bunch of tests to ensure that the fungus (still unknown what?) is not in any of his systems, so today whilst he was in recovery and still dazed he had an ECG done of his heart. Tomorrow an ophthomologist is coming to check out his eyes and he is booked in for ultrasounds of his liver/kidneys etc, all to see if fungus can be detected.

Having taken out the line we hope the fungus no longer has a home and can be overwhelmed by the drugs, but if it has lodged in other systems, my understanding is that it is a whole different scary monster to deal with. It all sounds pretty serious and yucky.

Am happy that Sam coped well with theatre and was sitting up watching Elmo on tv early evening, but feeling anxious to see how he responds to meds and how he copes overnight.....unfortunately we just have to wait and see, and that in itself is a bit of torture for me....tomorrow there should be more information and then I've been told that ID will come to tell us more about length of treatment etc. There is something slightly frightening even about their job title, a bit like Cruella De Vil coming for dinner.....but I know they will do what's best by Sam.

This afternoon so much kindness appeared in our room - new friends with bags of meals and drinks and supplies.... so practical and so heart warming....and such fun as they laughed and interacted with Sam and prayed with him.

Off to sleep, so thankful for a good day........aahhh sleep, that long lost friend. Thank you everyone for your love and prayers for our special wee man.


Anonymous said...

Gasp - Just caught up on your last week. Hugs and prayers for Sam and strength and rest for you. Margo xxxx

Nicholls's Tauranga said...

We were so disappointed for you not to all be on holiday - more than most you deserved that break. Thank you for sharing the events of the other night and for being honest and telling us how it was because I guess most of us can't imagine such a dreadful night. God was watching over you for sure. Praying for you all, for a peaceful nights sleep and for wisdom for the medical teams.

Anonymous said...

Hi Francis and Shirley,
sorry to hear that Sam has been so unwell. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Simon and Karen McLeay