Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Home, Wet Home!

Today Sam is due to come home..... 'YAY' we all cry..... um there is the minor detail of the plumber trying to find the burst pipe leaking water through the cement and up through the carpet in the lounge to contend with!

BUT, as we too well know, 'life and well being' is at the top of the priority over 'things and stuff'... so whilst Francis pulls up carpet, moves book shelves and takes on the roll of provider, I shall pop and get the girls from school in an hours time, then head back to pick up Sam from hospital, where he was left having his last IV antifungal infusion with our friend. He is coming home on a reduced amount of TPN as his enteral feeds are now up to 45 ml/hour.... THIS is amazing! We talked yesterday to the gastro team about carrying on increasing his enteral feeds so that hopefully soon he won't even need to be on TPN....and this PICC line he currently has could serve him til then and he may not need another central line.... that would be totally miraculous and also totally plausible as we know the impossible can happen - we've seen it, we believe it, as we know God can do anything. I read in Proverbs 25 yesterday, 'It is God's privilege to conceal things and the king's privilege to discover them' and it leapt off the page at me..... I'm so glad that I don't know what is up ahead, as I would have been stressed yesterday about plumbing bills and for what? Also if we had known what Sam would have bought to our lives (the good and the tough) would we have coped? Would we have been wise enough to know what was good for us? I know we wouldn't have.... so I actually took great comfort in those words, knowing that things are concealed to us, but not to God.

Again we have been inundated by kindness, meals and well wishes....and I'm off to hang with one of these lovely people....and make use of her toilet in the absence of ours!



Kate Manson said...

Nice to read you're all at home together :) Go Sammy!!

Jacinta said...

So glad that Sam is home & that you can get back to some sort of normality and routine! Awesome about the 45ml feeds - here's hoping that TPN will be reduced even further - that would be amazing :)

Cara said...

Hi Shirley,
My mum, Trish, sometimes helps out with Sam. She always updates me on his progress during our weekly phone calls and she told me about your blog. I decided to have a read & just wanted to say what a beautiful boy he is & what an inspiration you are. My mum visited me a few weeks ago and brought along some of Sam's clothes. Thank you so much! They fit my Alexander perfectly & are very much appreciated. I shall be following your blog & praying for your family. Cara

Francis and Shirley said...

Hi Cara - oh we have so missed Trish during the holidays and look forward to having her back this week! So glad the clothes work for you - Sam lives in many pre-loved gifts from others, so nice to keep them going. Best wishes. Shirl

Todd said...

Welcome back home Sam!! Give you dad a hand and rip up some carpet!

Anonymous said...

Shirley, We love you and MISS YOU!Anna