Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Large Glitch

Well Sam was chugging along nicely until about mid week when he started vomiting more and more each day and night, with his ilieostomy outputs incremently reducing. So I brought him in to Starship on Thursday for a review. The placement of his GJ was checked in radiology, and it seems that it is still in the right place and working well. The usual bloods and urine tests were done and we were sent home with a new antibiotic thinking it could be the start of another UTI...

....and he has continued to worsen - still very happy, in between each vomit. 2 nights ago he was vomitting every hour - this in itself isn't totally abnormal, but the volume and colour was very different. Much more than normal and very dark green. Last night he was vomitting every 5 mins, so at midnight I bundled him in the car and back to Starship we went.

We turned off his milk, and he managed to settle and vomits reduced. Starship no longer is a fun place for Sam and he is physically strong and fighting the nurses just to have a temperature or heart rate taken! So lots of screaming and crying and restraining....and that was just me!

We got to the ward at about 5.30am and then it was more blood tests, more screaming and crying and restraining (Sam this time) and he has had a couple of hours sleep... so he is tired and I'm the same....BUT we are glad that he isn't unwell - no temperature or obvious pain, so it's not an infection, virus or nasty... hopefully just a mechanical issue that needs looking at. Not sure what will happen seeing as it is Sunday and may not be a radiologist on, but we're in for today and can't escape as he will be hooked up to replacement fluids to make up for the milk he missed out on, so we're stuck.

Tomorrow is the start of the school holidays, so the girls are a bit disappointed, but we are hoping and praying this won't be a long stay. Please remember the girls in your prayers - it's not easy being 'shuffled around' and they've been so looking forward to holidays. We have a holiday booked in Red Beach in a Kids Foundation holiday home for this coming Friday for a week, so we're hoping to still make that as a family, even though we have hospital appointments on the Monday. Please pray for guidance and insight as the medical team try to get to the bottom of what's up with Sam.

Francis is sorting the girls today and we're trying to figure out what to do with the girls tomorrow as Francis has work. Now I may try to see if this fuzzy tv is going to let me watch the rugby tonight, it's not looking hopeful.

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Suga said...

Hope you got to watch the rugby Shirley ... i can have the girls tomorrow if you like - Semaia and Malia are off to camp in the morning, but we have nothing planned... it'd be my pleasure. x