Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Poked, prodded and still smiling

Sam had a pretty settled night with only low grade temps, but he required 1.5 litres of oxygen, and he is still on oxygen as I write this, but amazingly he is tolerating his nasal prongs and hasn't pulled on them at all. Unfortunately the same can't be said for his new PICC line, which is dangling out his right arm at his elbow and which any 2 year old boy would find fascinating, so it is well secured at the site and his arm is heavily bandaged....but still he has been trying to get into it, so I daren't leave him for a second.

The day started with a Drs round and it seems his chest sounded different to normal, so they're keeping an eye on that - it could be that due to surgery he just has more fluid on board to get out of his system. At 10am the opthamologist came and put 3 lots of eye drops in each eye, with a promise to return in a couple of hours to take a look in his eyes. This required me pinning him down and him screaming whilst she forced his eyes open. Then at 11 we headed down to level 1 for an ultrasound of his kidney and livers. This Sam found very uncomfortable and I noticed he really was in pain when the right kidney was being checked. This took about 20 mins and not pleasant for Sammy. Back to the ward and then at 12.30 the opthamologist reappeared, put on her head gear and opened her lenses and took 5 mins of me pinning Sam down again whilst she checked out his eyes. Finally he could sleep, but then a cardiac Dr came in and asked me a bunch of questions about Sams shinanigans of the last few days but he was happy that the combination of my answers (I didn't win a car or anything) and the ECG cleared Sam of having any fungus in his heart. The opthamologist had the same conclusion with Sams eyes and the radiographer felt the liver looked clear but the right kidney was rather enlarged and different to previous scans.

So we're pleased that the removal of the CVL seems to be the home of the fungal infection and that his other systems are clear. They changed his antifungal medicine and antibiotics today now that they know more of what they are dealing with.

The plan now is to wean him off his oxygen, keep hitting him with the meds and hoping he has no more temperatures (hasn't in nearly 24 hours) and the urologist is being spoken to about the kidney findings. So it's been a busy day where medical stuff has been interspersed with visitors and phone calls.

A funny story to close with: There are many different carers staying on the ward with patients - some have aunties, older siblings, grandparents staying with them... some of the grandparents staying with the patients are younger than me, but this afternoon a new carer (hmmm maybe aged 50?) asked me if I was the carer of the cute little boy in room 2.... then she asked, 'how old is your Mokopuna?'.....for those of you already laughing, congratulations on your grasp of the Maori language....for those that aren't, Mokopuna means grandchild in Maori! I very politely said, 'He is actually my son, not my grandson and I'm sorry that you are lost but the Geriatric ward was actually in Auckland Public hospital just across the way!'...... no I didn't really, I just made a mental note to make sure I apply thick lashings of anti-wrinkle cream tonight!

Tomorrow as the weather is forecast to be not beach friendly, Francis and the girls are coming here for the day, so I can nip home to swap clothes etc, then I will head to the museum with the girls whilst Francis has a DSD (Daddy Son Date!).



Nicholls's said...

No 1 and the absolute essential in this life - faith upholding you in the darkest moments. No 2 is a sense of humour. I had to smile - You should have won a car at the very least! Praying for you all. M&S

Anonymous said...

I'm so grateful that our paths crossed all those years ago, back in a land far far away. I love you dearly, and every time we reconnect with Francis, it's just another reminder of how much I miss you. You have no idea how watching you from afar has been such an encouragement to me. I cried through the last blog about your feeling prompted to stay awake and pray as it was yet another reminder to me to not ignore those promptings in my life as well. Love you friend!

The Doughertys said...

have just caught up on your goings on..........sup sammy!!! come on big fella, praying you get well real soon my love. shirl, your heart is truely stunning, never mind about the wrinkles around your eyes. nothing that a good nights sleep wont fix. you are one amazing chicky. much love, fi and the dockers xx

Anonymous said...

shirley you are amazing - a supper granny if ever there was!