Monday, October 10, 2011

Quick Update

At 4pm today Sam had a simple 15 min procedure where they took out his existing GJ tube and replaced it with a slightly longer new shiny GJ tube (was 22cm, now 30 cm). He is now on 5ml/hr of 'milk' feeds overnight to see how he goes, as we need to be kind to his internals which have been jigged about during the procedure. If he does well overnight, they will look at upping the feeds to normal (35 ml/hr) tomorrow and think about getting us home.

Sam discovered this evening he could make music - he would roll on to his side and the tubes that are delivering his tpn/milk and soon enough the 3 machines would be beeping letting us know they were occluding.... he seriously knew what he was doing and would wait til I got back to my bed after re-setting the pumps and I'd hear him rustling about and he'd have a big grin on his face as I got up yet again to sort the pumps.... it was very funny and also very clever of him to make his own entertainment.

The girls had a fabulous first day of their holidays (definitely more fun than if they'd been home with me!), which involved hanging with friends doing lego, card making, visiting the local playground, dog sitting 2 dogs, dvd and lots of other fun, with probably some junk food thrown in. Thanks to the amazing family - you know who you are, who took in our 2 little refugees. We so appreciate you.

Off to sleep now, for hopefully an eventfree night.

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