Monday, November 14, 2011

Miscellaneous Quick Update

Ok, life is full, so here are some quick bullet points!
  • Sam had allergy tests on Friday and he is VERY very allergic to Nutrini, which is the new 'milk' we were hoping we might be able to switch Sam to.... dietician gone back to the drawing board. Sams back full of welts subsided after 15 mins.
  • Gastro appointment, also on Friday, decided to increase Sam to 50 ml milk/hr.... so still increasing his GJ feeds, so TPN will lessen again this Thursday - YAY for progress
  • Muriwai is STUNNING - Francis & I had a great weekend away - so quiet/weird/lovely etc... Gannet colony A.mazing. Will be taking the kids back soon with Uncle Hairy & Aunty Handstand.
  • Kids all had such a great time we weren't missed even a little! Thank you to our amazing friends for taking on the two girls and to the fabulous 'T' for looking after Sam. We were so glad to get away and only could do it as we have fab people around us that we trust and who love our kids.... thanks so much.
  • Unfortunately there was an incident between our car and a neighbour's car on our return, and it looks like because ours wasn't worth much to begin with, the insurance company is going to write it off. So if you know of any good cars for sale, we may be in the market in the next few days.
  • Tomorrow Sam has an all day iron infusion at Starship, so I'll be hitting the motorway by 7am to try and get in by 8 so we can hook him up pronto so he can do his 6 hours and then get back in time for school run and after school hockey. I can hardly contain my excitement as I anticipate 6 hours in isolation trying to keep Sam happy, no doubt watching back-to-back Dora and Bob the Builder.... oh well, I am grateful he has access to iron and clean hospitals.... i really am - if he can take the hideousness of being hooked up to pumps and trapped in a cot, I can cheerfully endure this with him.
  • Sam is now able to walk holding only 1 hand - won't be long now!
  • Thursday we have 8.30am physio visit here, where we hope she will be super pleased with his progress.
  • Gotta go sort lunches etc as don't fancy doing that at 6am.
  • So thankful for Sams progress, yet still pleading with God to help his gut develop faster, so he can take more 'food' in the hope he doesn't need another central line - that would be totally 'O for awesome!'
Sleep well. X S


Maria said...

So glad you were able to get away for the weekend. When you say that you're in isolation for the iron infusion, does that mean you are not allowed visitors?

Francis and Shirley said...

Hi Maria - we can have visitors, Sam just has to stay in his room for the duration. He did well: 8 - 3.30, with a 2 hour nap in the middle.... if you'd visited then you would have seen a mother having a nanny nap!