Monday, November 28, 2011

Normal childhood illness!

It's been a while - Sam had his iron infusion 2 weeks ago and then the next day he started getting low grade temps, runny nose, diarrhea and very grumpy. This carried on for a few days and then as the girls also were complaining of similar symptoms I figured he just had a normal kid thing.... so we did something that we've never done before - we went to see a GP and not to the emergency department - how novel! So he did have an inflamed throat and swollen tonsils. The GP said normally with kids that have viral throat infections you are concerned that they keep hydrated, and need to ensure they keep drinking. I guess that's the 'silver lining' on being tube and IV fed - there is no question that Sam wasn't getting all his nutrition and fluids!

So roll on to today and finally Sam is back to normal after many long days and nights. Yesterday after church we hung out in the garden in the paddling pool and sprinkler, which he loved. His week will see him at Mainly Music tomorrow and again on Wednesday, and Thursday he has physio here at 8.30am. Physio is such fun - he is worked really hard, but the physio is truly amazing and knows just how much to push him and when to be really firm with him. He has hit a normal 2 year old patch and everything is 'NO!' and he is fighting with us whenever we go to attend to his various cares and having tantrums.

Last week the Speech Language Therapist (SLT) and Occupational Therapist (OT) both came to spend time with him and again it's so good to have their input. The OT assessed the home and as a result of this we are hoping to get a bathing device to save our backs and she is also looking into his bed situation. It is a challenge having him hooked up overnight with him now mobile and pulling himself up in the cot. We also have to lean over him several times each day for 20 - 30 minute periods, to attend to his 'cares', which is taking its toll on our backs as he struggles and twists. The SLT was working on senses and oral skills - speech wise he is doing great, but we still need to work on him touching messy things and aiming at his mouth!

I leave you with 2 lovely pics of Sam with 2 special people in his life - Grandad and his eldest sister.

Oh and I keep meaning to give you an update on the Buzzy Bee situation. We did receive the bee from Southland, but Sam is not enamored with it. I thought of skinning the original bee and putting it over the new bee to transfer the smell, which is what I remember Dad doing with lambs he was trying to adopt to another mother, but we decided not to - can take the girl off the farm, but not the farm out of the girl!. The new bee is sitting by his cot and we are hoping that over time his affections may switch!

Much thanks and love again for your care and prayers for Sam - we are humbled and grateful.


Anonymous said...

What gorgeous photos. I like them both, but particularly Sam and his handsome grandad.
Love Raewyn

Anonymous said...

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L :) Viv