Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh Stink!

Well we had a great week, even though Sam was fighing off an e-coli urinary tract infection..... lots of fun and laughter with Uncle Selwyn & Aunty Kylie staying, then we packed up yesterday and headed away for a 2 night surprise holiday with the girls to a motel north of Auckland - Snells Beach. Beautiful location, albeit in the rain..... then it was time for Sam's TPN to go up at 6pm and the line drew back but then wouldn't work and after trying 2 different smart sites and 4 different syringes of differing strength solutions we gave up and Francis took him in to Starship. So at 1am this morning Sam was admitted to ward 25B with a broken PICC line. I'm writing this from Mahurangi Bay library where I came to print off some coffee vouchers we bought but I left them in the glove box of the car, which is now at Starship. The girls and I just finished a 2 hour walk to a look out, fed some donkeys and walked back, ready to find a coffee shop. The texts from Francis sound like Sam is totally happy back in his second home, but he has an IV drip in as he can't have TPN til he gets a new line. Francis will update this blog once the Drs have figured out what to do - try to save the line? Put in another PICC or go for another CVL (more permanent line).

It's disappointing, actually it was totally gutting, totally disappointing and it did get a bit ugly in our motel room last night. There were tears and angry words and a fed up family last night. I'm struggling with not being with Sam as I've never not been with him when he has surgery - yet last night I was just too tired to drive in and I wasn't coping, so Francis was happy to take him in and I slept for a whole night - first time in literally weeks.... it was lovely, yet again we feel fractured and a bit missing, although I'm really thankful Francis picked up the pieces.

We are praying for the medical team as they figure out what's best for Sam, praying for Francis who also is very tired and praying that we (the Davy girls) can figure out how to get home tomorrow - as we came in the car we have loads of miscellaneous boxes/containers holding Sam's stuff etc, which isn't conjusive to a bus trip.... but tomorrow is a long way away in Davy time, as we are so used to any plans we make changing many times before anything happens, so for now we enjoy being stranded in a lovely part of the world. I'm off to find some coffee and then it's the pool although it's hard to truly relax when I know Sam is about to have another surgery and I empathise with Francis stranded in Starship and how long and dull those days are. hmmmm......

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Jill said...

I'm SO sorry that Sam ended up in Starship while we were there, without us being able to meet him in person. We actually checked your blog a few times while Ruth was in hospital, and said "Goody, he's still out of hospital"!

We have just had 9 days in Ward 24a,where Ruth has had a spinal fusion. Just home today.

Do know that we will be praying for you all; it's easier now to visualise where you are and how things work, since being there ourselves.

Hope all goes smoothly with the new line, and that you and the girls have some fun times in the midst of it all.