Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tis the Season.....

At Mainly Music Today Sam had to go dressed up as a nativity character -so here he is as a shepherd - thanks Toby for the lend of your dressing gown and we were totally amazed he kept his tea towel on his head for most of the duration! He loves Mainly Music and he had a great time. All the kids were given gifts and bespoke stockings, which is now adorning our Christmas tree - the ladies at MM are amazing!

The other photo is from Saturday when I left Sam playing with Lego for all of about 30 seconds whilst I emptied the washing machine. Next thing I hear banging and splashing and Sam had shuffled across the hall and was caught red handed playing where he shouldn't have been. I love his 'don't take my photo caught in the act' look as the paparazzi caught his naught

iness in action!

Sam had a miserable weekend but is now on
new antibiotics as he has a uti again .... but it's been about 7 weeks
his last one, which is

longer than normal. His drugs seem to be working now so he is a bit happier and not vomitting as much.

As we put the tree up on Saturday the girls said, 'I hope Sam stays out of hospital this Christmas and we can be a family'..... that is our hope and prayer!

X Shirl


The Dockers said...

Hi guys, just caught up on your blog. So neat that you got the weekend away. Well earned break. We hope that you are at home together as a family this Christmas as well. You have been a real inspiration to me this year. Thank you for your honesty and your amazing blog. What an amazing unit you are. Much love, the dockers. xx

Kate Manson said...

Sam is looking great Shirley :) I will be crossing everything that you are all at home together this Christmas xox