Monday, January 23, 2012

Am amazing week!

Monday saw us waking in Starship but after much logistical wrangling we managed to escape and were home by about noon, which gave us time to get Sams various prescriptions and TPN order made up, in time for us to pack and head to a Ferry for 6pm. It was a stressful, messy and chaotic day, but as the Auckland skyline ebbed further away on the horizon so did all the yuck that builds up during a hospital 50 minutes later we were on Waiheke Island courtesy of some amazing people aka the 'Holiday Helpers' - check them out on:

Holiday Helpers exists in other parts of the world, and we were the first lucky family to experience this charity in NZ - recently set up by a great family who have approached businesses and other parties that could help a family of a chronically sick kid have a break away. So we felt truly privileged and overwhelmed as we arrived at their beautiful bach (complete with food in the fridge) only to find a bunch of other treats lined up for us from other locals - a meal voucher at a beautiful vineyard, cinema tickets, gifts for the kids and a fishing trip.... so we had a very lovely 3 days/4 nights enjoying the beach and the beauty of Waiheke. It really is a tranquil getaway and it felt like we had been there for atleast a week - rest is good for the soul! We also took a nurse with us for 2 days, so we could do things just with the girls and not be distracted or time taken up attending to Sam. This said, we still had family time on the beach, although Sam wasn't too enamoured with the sea or that his cars were constantly covered in sand - 'oh No, oh no' he kept chanting trying to brush the sand off with the other sandy hand! The girls loved having both parents with them and going for beach walks and explores and hours in the surf.

Looking after Sam is mentally draining having to think all the time about his needs and always thinking ahead, so to be able to get away for a few days without thinking about linen to pack and food etc... was truly a great break for us. Words seem so limited as to express our gratitude to these kind people, but we are truly humbled and so thankful, it was precious family times, lots of fun and good for our souls and memory banks..... sadly our camera in the chaos was forgotten, so I will try and upload some rather fuzzy shots from our phone!

Sam left hospital on medicine to treat another urinary tract infection, which sadly seemed to have the severe side effect of lots of vomiting (as it says it may on the packet)... so our sense of euphoria of having sleep back was quickly dashed as long nights of multiple violent vomits started back again.... we are pleased to say that with this course finishing 2 days ago each night has gotten progressively better, with last night only having to get up 4 times - twice for small vomits and twice for his pump alarming... so we are hoping tonight might be better yet, although I am delighted that our night sleeper is back tonight!

I leave you with some blurry shots, one beautiful one from the deck of the bach and one of Dan with Sam - our new Waiheke friend. X S


Dani said...

Looks like a fantastic family time away for you all. Love the ferry pic and the one of the girls and Sam on the swings. Missing our lovely neighbours and hearing Sam's cheery voice calling Connor, Finnan.
Hoping all stays well for you all and you get that sleep!

The Dockers said...

Great that you had time away to refresh yourselves. Awesome. Are you still heading to Rotorua or was that in its place.....I know where I would rather be!! Love ya's.

Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds fab. Margo xx

Kate Manson said...

Yay pleased to see you had a lovely holiday, you totally deserve it :)

The Dockers said...

Thinkn and prayn for you xx