Friday, January 13, 2012

The difference a day makes!

Sam was doing so well on the new regimen of extra water, with his sodium levels going down and 5 nights in a row of unbroken sleep - seriously this is nothing short of life changing for us.... so I woke on Thursday all excited to be able to pack up to head home BUT Sam was really grizzly and clingy...and very hot, 38.7, so the packing ceased and as he has a central line it was decided to start him on IV antibiotics immediately to stave off a potential infection. So it was a hospital bound day yesterday, with Sam having a few temperatures and being hooked up to various infusions most of the day. He had a terrible night of high temps and vomits and unsettledness. Today was a bit better and he hasn't had a temp since 9am. We await results from various samples that were sent off yesterday. Today on ward round it was guestimated that Sam wasn't showing as severe symptoms that a central line infection normal shows, so it could just be a bug/virus that he's fighting. This would be great, as it means we can get home .... BUT, it is the weekend and we CAN'T now go home until Monday, as the home system of TPN is not compatible with the hospital system and neither is allowed in each others territory (aarrghhh!!) so we're stuck. It is very frustrating to be in hospital because of bureacracy and we are just holding our breath that Sam doesn't pick up another bug whilst having a forced holiday here..... so it's been a muddly day - frustration, hope, tiredness, logistics of sorting the girls/cars etc... but in the midst of this Sam was happy to sit and watch back to back Wiggles on Safari - he nows say, 'hi Mate' just like Steve Irwin.



Anonymous said...

have been thinking of you. What an answer to prayer about the water and him not vomiting at night...what a challenge. Really felt for the poor guy...i hope you contine to have these unexpected seems in life that sometimes things are soo figured out...I just love those blessings that come along and surprise us. How are you finding Jas at age 10? Crazy huh? Josiah turns 11 next month...scares me! Thinking of you all.
Anna Lor

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and your family Shirley xox