Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An unexpected discovery

What we thought was a routine admission turned out to be a blessing in disguise. When the doctors set up the fluids to replace TPN until Monday when they could change the order to reduce the sodium content, they inadvertently put Samuel on the normal amount of fluid for a 2.5 year old, without taking into account the 880mls of milk he gets into his intestine directly. The result was that his fluid intake was substantially higher than normal, which didn't cause him any problems as his fluid outputs were equally higher but did seem to stop the frequent vomiting, particularly through the night when it is always worse. Since he was admitted to hospital, he has slept soundly through the nights - we can't remember the last time that happened. So we think that the increase in fluids has been reducing his sodium levels which could have been causing the vomiting - well, that's our hypothesis that is now being tested. So now he's back on TPN, but the doctors have agreed that we should continue giving him more fluid which we'll do via 130ml extra of water per day in 20 ml doses into his intestine via his GJ tube. It's been more 6 - 9 months now that we've been continually sleep deprived due to his constant vomiting, and Samuel has suffered with the discomfort of vomiting acidic stomach fluid. So the possibility of having stumbled on the solution is exciting and makes this hospital visit very worthwhile!
It's likely he'll be in until Thursday/Friday, so they can monitor the increased fluid levels, but if he has another good night tonight, then it's looking hopeful! We'll keep you posted.

As it's school holidays, hospital admissions make life more complicated than usual, so I ended up having to take an extra annual leave day and took the girls to Snow Planet for the day, -4 degrees Centigrade in the middle of a wet humid summer was a shock but the girls loved it and Dad dusted off his ski instructing drills to get them snow ploughing from the top!


Dockers said...

great news

Eckrote Express said...

so glad you're all getting more sleep! Did you ever go to the Snow World in Dream World in BKK? I'm guessing Snow Planet is nothing like the BKK version. :-) Our boys went sledding for the first time the other night, now all the snow is melted again. Miss you all! The Eckrotes

sam said...

Happy to hear Sam is well. hugs and kisses.