Monday, February 13, 2012

Back in Starship.....

Well Sam had a rough weekend - bit grumpy, low grade temp, then 24 hours of severe diarrohea and vomiting, so this morning I came in to Starship to do his blood tests .... and never left! He had lost 700 gms over the weekend and his outputs had tripled, so we headed to CED again and he was put on paedialyte (rehydration electrolyte fluid) and now we are on 26b again, awaiting results of blood test and stool samples. Already he seems to be perking up with less vomits. I'm hoping it's just he has a gastro bug, but sadly with this delicate organs we can't risk it... so we are here until we don't need to be.

The girls and Francis came in this evening with supplies and Sam was squealing with delight to see everyone. He is totally at home here and happy to smile and greet people, 'Hello Doctor'... in the cutest voice. 'Thank you por medsin' he copies me to the nurses, so his speech continues to develop as does his charm.

Off to get some sleep to make up for the last couple of sleepless nights.

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