Saturday, February 11, 2012

Home again

Just quickly, Friday saw Sam confined to his room connected to an iron infusion, with nurses doing obs every 15 - 30 mins.... twas a long day trying to keep him happy and entertained with a fuzzy tv and no dvd, but we made it with sanity nearly intact. His potassium numbers looked fine again after his infusion the day before, so we were arrived home about 6pm yesterday, with forms to do blood tests on Monday in the community.

The TPN weaning has been delayed until his numbers are all a bit more stable. The long and the short is that there isn't a clear reason why his potassium dropped off, but it could be due to the extra heat of summer, means more sweating etc. And as his kidneys are damaged and don't work properly, perhaps he's been a bit dehydrated or his kidneys haven't been concentrating nutrients and storing them at a cellular level - yeah, ok, I have no idea nor understood what the renal guys were telling me - I just smiled and nodded and am clever enough to know that I'm not clever enough and will just do what they tell me to do.

He is also Vit D deficient, so daily supplements have started again. So a quiet weekend with us all bit groggy after hospital/jet lag and hoping that we don't get a phone call a few hours after we drop in Sam's blood tests on Monday!

Enjoy your weekends. X

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