Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Human Yo Yos!

Sam and I got home yesterday at 5pm...HOORAY! So it was the usual busy time of unloading the car, setting up his pumps, hooking him up, getting to the pharmacy for his drugs etc etc.... then he had a rough night of really high outputs - vomiting and diarehea (I must learn to spell that right - I spell it diff each time!) so at 10am we talked to the experts at Starship..... and here we are back on the ward after admission through CED.....not hooray.

So 18 hours at home isn't quite as long as I had envisaged, but with Sams delicate little body it's best he's here and watched closely. There are a few theories being thrown around - the bug he had may have a life cycle of 10 - 14 days and it tends to look like you're better at day 5/6 and then it relapses.... or it could be a possible contamination of the milk powder I make up.... or it could be something new.... so more samples of various body fluids have been sent off to the lab (those people are amazing doing what they do with what we do!)

So we just watch and wait and pray and see what happens..... my heart is heavy for the girls who are getting older and needing homework help, reassurance amidst pre-pubescent emotions and stability....but thankfully they know and feel love from many people. Thanks again to Uncle E and friends (you know who you are) and total strangers (dinner delivered from lovely lady from church I've never met before last night) that help us tick along.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Shirley,
Greetings from Manila!
Nice to have some sharing time with my good friend Francis.
As a family we will commit to pray for Lil Sam during our evening devotions.
hang on to Jesus. Our God remains Kind and Sovereign.
Psalm 34:4