Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday, Happy Day

Last night Francis came up after work with the girls and we swapped - so I got to sleep all night in a bed without a plastic liner.... you'll be relieved to know that I didn't wet it, not that I have ever made good of the plastic on the hospital mattress...

As Sam continues to vomit at night, they gave Sam his omeprazole via IV - this means that it is going straight into his blood, so we can confidently know that he is absorbing the drug and getting the benefits from it. He also was given 2 sorts of anti-nausea medicines IV. He slept from 8pm to 4pm, had one vomit and then settled again. Tonight they are doing the same and then Sunday night they will revert back to oral meds (in his GJ) and will watch and see what happens. If he reverts back to vomiting after oral meds, it would show that his gut isn't absorbing or getting the benefit from the drug, so they would consider us giving him IV meds....anything to help the wee man have a better quality of life and we are totally open to this and will watch the next couple of nights with interest.

I slept solidly til a little girl that misses her mum ran in bright and early (to be cross or pleased?!)... I feigned pleasure at having my sleep cut short, but lovely to have cuddles. The day went fast as I did washing, scrubbed the shower, did ironing, got lunchbox baking done for the week ahead etc, then at 3.30 I left home with the girls and we went up to Starship. Sam was squealing with delight to see the girls and they had a fun time playing together for about half an hour before Francis took them home so he could pack ready for a work trip leaving for the Philippines tonight. Thankfully Uncle Eddie is helping out for a couple of nights, which we are most grateful for.

Sam is doing so much better - now off oxygen and clinically well enough to go home.....except we can't as we are held prisoner here til Monday when the TPN can be changed to the different home system. I am really cross about how Sam is exposed to extra infection amidst a hospital of sickness just because of contracts and politics. I will be really really upset if he picks up another bug and we can't go home on Monday as we hope - I will be taking up this issue again with management, as it's just not fair or right and unfair on our family and on Sam and hoping that this ongoing battle/stress can be resolved to do what's best for Sam.

So the plan is tomorrow I will be able to take Sam out for most of the day hopefully, so I will be able to see the girls and if the weather is as great as it was today, maybe take a trip to Mission Bay or the Domain.

It's lovely to have Sam 'back' - so many of his systems/organs are compromised that he can get out of balance and really sick quickly....but thankfully he does seem to respond well to medicines and has improved so much in the last 48 hours, that he's nearly back to normal.



Gwyn said...

Dear Shirley
I tried to leave a comment before but it doesn't seem to have worked, you may get this twice..What I said was I'm glad Sam is feeling better, and that amid the often tedious nature of hospital stays, one of the real positives of Miriam's recent stay was catching up with you, and seeing what a gorgeous, delightful (and funny!) wee boy Sam has grown into. Miriam was really taken by him, and is still giggling at his antics. Know that you are doing a wonderful job. Love Gwyn

kate manson said...

Hi shirley, sounds like 26b hasn't changed much! It's frustrating the way bugs spread on the ward. Like usual i'm in awe of how well you're coping, you certainly are an amazing mum :-)

Liz Kelso said...

Hi Shirley, we missed you and Sam at music on Tuesday and I just thought to pop on here and see how he's doing. So sorry to hear he's not well, and praying he will be able to go home tomorrow. You're all amazing! Liz xx