Thursday, March 22, 2012

'Two Half'!

When you ask Sam how old he is he says, 'Two half'.... which is oh so true. Today he's had lots of tantrums and bursts into tears when he is told 'No'.... so I leave you with a photo of a little boy who is 'two half!'. These tears brought on by being told we weren't going for a walk in the buggy right then, he'd have to wait.

Last week Sam had a dental appointment - literally I tipped him backwards and the dentist spent about 40 seconds looking, counting and poking, Sam started gagging inbetween the screaming, then he vomitted....and that was the end of the appointment! But she had seen enough to know that he has terrible teeth, primarily due to the acid they get washed in when he vomits - which is still between 5 & 10 times each night. She has put Sam on a waiting list for a G.A. procedure where they cover the teeth with a protective coating.

This week he has gotten to two morning music groups, which he's loved, and today was his weekly physio - which he doesn't love so much... but he does love his physio, even though she makes him do things that he'd rather not do. So we have plenty of exercises and challenges to fill Sams time to try and get him walking confidently and safely.

Next week we have physio on Thursday and then an appointment with Sams Paediatrician, which we are looking forward to.....then we have Grandma arriving for a few days and today Sam was shuffling around saying, 'Gandma' and looking out the window.... so he and we are looking forward to that.

Off to my futon, as I'm in with Sam tonight and glad I have a helper in the morning so I can hopefully sleep to make up for a sleepless night - if the last 9 months are anything to go by.... although I would welcome Sam to surprise us!


The Dockers said...

Hello lovely Davy family, hope you have managed to catch up on some sleep. Think of you often. LJ sends her love to you Shirley. Shes been in hospital with chest pain and other complications. Much love to you, hope you had a wonderful birthday Shirley. XX Fi

Anonymous said...

Hello.....hope you are all keeping well! Lovely piccies of little Sam. Love from Paul, Gemma, Abbie, Lewis & Jacob

Kate Manson said...

Thanks for the update Shirley, don't you just love the 2s? NOT!! Thankfully Alice is almost 3. Although we still had a paddy today just as we were crossing the road! Nice one Alice! Sam is looking great. You guys are amazing :)