Monday, May 7, 2012

Closed for Good

Tomorrow Sam and I will head home for a chunk of the day, inbetween his feeds finishing at around 9am and his last dose of IV antibiotic infusion due at 4.....but it won't be a normal day at home. Tomorrow all branches of the Bank of New Zealand are closing and the staff have all pre-elected to go into their communities throughout NZ and work on a project to help individuals and groups that could do with some man-power..... we saw the information in our local paper in February, when I was sitting in Starship for nearly 3 weeks wishing I could be home painting the fence that needs painting..... so I popped in our proposal (ie, help out a family that yo-yo's between Starship and home and runs out of time to do normal things like property maintenance). Our proposal was accepted and tomorrow 6 total strangers are showing up to blitz our fence! It is a fantastic concept and we are really looking forward to being with these great people tomorrow - I'm glad I can take Sam out of hospital for a few hours so that they can meet him. Today I got home for 4 hours with Sam, so he got to see his sisters and I got to make dinner and do washing etc..... it is SO nice to be in our home doing normal things that it was lovely! So Sam will have been in a week tomorrow, but tomorrow he is due his last dose of IV antibiotic infusion at 4.30pm, and after that we can move home! And yet again we only got through due to the team effort that supports our family - to Grant, Sarah and boys for caring for our girls we say a huge thanks. To the encouragement of phone calls, texts, prayers and surprise deliveries (Enfield Cat meow!) from many others - THANK YOU. Sam's liver and gall bladder ultrasound didn't show anything awful or drastic, just they look 'normal' for someone that is on 14 hours of TPN each day - ie not totally normal but acceptable considering all things. Liver numbers can go up when your body is fighting infection, and Sam has had 2 different bacteria this time, both of which I'm too tired to try and spell..... Sam coped really well without us around this weekend, as we escaped to Napier and left Sam with his respite nurse, whom he adores and we totally trust, so we really did totally relax. We had a fun weekend staying with family and meeting a great family in Rotorua, left the girls there before carrying on to Napier for a hilarious 40th (it's just a number right?) and a long trip back yesterday. But the weather and the drive were stunning and 6 hours in a car gave us plenty of concentrated family time. Tomorrow we have another special day lined up - there is something very humbling and heart warming when people are so kind. We are so looking forward to being all under the one roof again....and that roof being surrounded by a painted fence! X S


Anonymous said...

Hi all, so glad you made it to the party and a weekend away - looking forward to photos of costumes etc!! Xavier is praying for it to stop raining(its raining here so it must be everywhere) so your fence can be made pretty!!!
xxxx the gore clan

G Downes said...

Sent Francis a message on FB. Hope the painting goes well and your time home together gives you all time to refresh and enjoy being a family.