Friday, May 4, 2012


So Sam has grown Klebsiella - a nasty bacteria that needs a daily 1 hour IV antibiotic infusion.... so we are still in hospital, but he is responding well and is totally happy and loving life in Party Central! So many nurses and people wandering past, he sits in his cot and shouts at the nurses as they walk past, 'Good Morning A', 'Hi ya B'... , SO we've decided to still head away for the weekend leaving Sam in hospital with our respite nurse moving in here with him. He is allowed out and about when not hooked up to feeds and IVs, so they won't be prisoners all day. With so many people to interact with he hopefully won't miss us. On Wednesday Sam had a renal ultrasound which showed that his bladder was completely empty - this was good to see, as there was some concern that the bacteria could be growing in a pool of urine due to the bladder not emptying completely. Unfortunately his liver and gall bladder weren't looked at, so we are returning to ultrasound for that today. His LFTs (Liver Function Tests) have all significantly increased in the last month, so they need to get to the bottom of this. He is now on full TPN and he was started back on enteral milk yesterday at 10 ml/hr and has been increased by 5 ml every 4 hours. He is now on 30 ml/hr. So by tonight he will be back on his normal regime and we shall see if the vomiting will also return! Will keep you posted on Sam's progress, but at this stage we are looking at being in until early next week atleast. X


Anonymous said...

Have a lovely weekend. Sam is in good hands and you need to "recharge." Love Raewyn and Andy

G Downes said...

It was such a blessing to meet you all in Rotorua and even after a shot time together feel that we have shared in some way some of our family lives in common. I was touched by your gentle open friendliness and your sincere caring nature as we shared time together at Bruce and Sues. You daughter made me smile as we spent time together talking about families as unique as ours. Thank you for spending this time with us.

bronheslop said...

Hi guys! Hope you had a lovely weekend away, being 'normal'. Hope the vomitting gets sorted out quickly. Big hugs, Bron xoxox