Monday, May 21, 2012


Sammy has had a good couple of weeks which have seen him get really confident with his walking - he wanders around the house independently, just loving being able to choose to move....unfortunately he is still struggling with getting up and down, so we have enlisted the help of a XS rugby head gear!  Yes he got weird looks, and I had a few questions, to which I just said he was in the Small Blacks training squad!  We don't want to wrap him in cotton wool, and we totally get that all kids will have knocks, but he falls like a tree and we really don't want a head injury as well.  The physio is popping in for weekly visits and it's amazing how her help is showing us how to help him learn to get up and down safely... so he really is progressing so well.

His speech is taking off and he now confidently counts to 15...then back to 7....His sisters are learning spanish at school and last night we roared with laughter as we overheard them teaching Sam...and then the three of them counting up to 10 in spanish!   So as Sam watches Dora the Explorer in the morning he chats away and copies her words too.  We might have a bi-lingual boy on our hands!

It's just a usual week for us - nurses visiting, central line dressing change, physio on Thursday, Mainly Music on Tues & Thurs.  We've had a re-think about our carer hours and will be having longer hours on a Tues & Thurs and no helpers on Friday.  On Friday I am going to just be his Mum and head to a play group at our church.  I know Sam will love it, as he is familiar with the place and they also have a designated singing period, and he just loves music.  It's amazing having the team of wonderful ladies helping out, but I am looking forward to having Sam and our home to myself for a day.

Adios! S


G Downes said...

So well said my friend. Balancing a home with your family and a home thats a health care location is one of the hardest challenges to get right. We decided in the end that we would make changes to days and hours as we needed to allow family space and time as thing changed.

Danielle had a rugby hat for the same reason of pulling up and letting go...she fell like a tree cut off at the hands out to brace or landing on the butt... They are a great explorers hat that gives us the strength to let our kids play as kids should.....out there exploring everything in their world.....

You guys seem to be doing amazing as you grow your special family.... It was so great to meet you recently.

The Doughertys said...

so neat to hear that sam the man is doing well. i love that kind of news. love you guys "all the world" (as my nephew used to say)xxxxx

Kate Manson said...

Alice also loves Dora and throws the odd Spanish word around - it cracks me up how much like sponges they are at this age. So nice to read (and see) how well Sam is doing :) Keep up the great work :)

Anonymous said...

I think the rugby hat is perfect. I wish I had thought of that when my kids were learning to walk!!!
You all amaze me xxxx

bronheslop said...

Hola! So cool that Sam's now learning Spanish as well. You guys constantly amaze me - your outlook is incredible. Good on BNZ for painting your fence - that rocks. Hope you've had a wonderful long weekend. Big hugs to all. Bron xxoo