Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sad little boy!

Sam has had a urinary tract infection for the past 10 days and we've been able to keep him at home on oral antibiotics, but I could tell he wasn't improving like he normally does when on this abx, but just hoped and buried my head in the sand wishing for the best. Well he had his final dose yesterday morning.... still a bit clingy, whiny and not his usual self....then the last 24 hours have been awful with him vomiting/dry wretching and diarrohea. So this morning I packed him up and headed into Starship with samples in hand. Yesterday I was actually in Starship at a normal gastro clinic - he weighed in at 14.75 kg, exactly 24 hours later when admitted to the emergency department he weighed in at 14.35 kg - so he lost nearly half a kilo in 24 hour period. He is totally miserable and writhing around his cot - overtired as missed his mid-day nap and doesn't know what to do with himself... so I'm hoping he will stop fighting and give in to sleep to give him and his body a break. The girls will have arrived home from school to be met by Aunty Sarah and I'm sure they were totally delighted to be whisked off to stay with their cousins for 2 nights, til Francis returns from Melbourne. Sam has been started on daily gentymycin infusions until we see what grows in his various samples that were sent away. His enteral feeds have been stopped to help settle his gut/vomiting/diarrohea and he will be on TPN and fluids overnight as he is quite dry. A renal ultrasound has been requested tomorrow, so I will make sure I wear light clothes, as they are hot and hard work as I literally wrestle and hold him down for the duration - so not looking forward to that. Am tired, yet relieved he is in, as this is where he needs to be. We were due to have our first 'respite' weekend this coming weekend - has taken a lot to organise (I have to arrange it as there are no respite facilities in Auckland that will take Sam) and had back to back cover with RN's and overnight sleepers sorted so that Francis & I could get away for the weekend....if I was burying my head in the sand again, I would think this still might be possible, but if I follow my gut instinct I'm guessing I have a few phone calls to make to un-organise it all.....the most tiring thing about having a 'sam' is not dealing with the condition, but the logistics around it all. Off to call my girls and see how their day was. X

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