Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Birthday Wish from Uncle Pete (AKA Pencil Pete)

Hey there!  Hi there! Sam you am, you are looking quite the man
What’s that thing around your neck? A flash bowtie, blimmin heck,
Hey Sam. Hey Sam, Sam you am, you’re all dressed up, why the glam?
Sam the man.  What’s the plan? Fill me in please, Sam you am.
You cannot go out on the quiet; dressed like that you’ll cause a riot
Sam, Sam, Sam you am, could you handle all the fans,
Little girls make lots of noise when they see flashed up little boys.
Could you, would you take the fever, you would make, like Justin Beiber
Sam, Sam.  Could it be, you’re dressing up and turning three?
Have you done in all excitement,  perhaps forgotten one invitement?
Sam you am, a birthdays’ great.  My last one, I turned something- 8
At your party, cake and fizz, there could be, would be, Sam you is.
Did you have some guests arrive, to play and dance and jump and jive,
 And did they take the time to sing, Oh Sam you am, you lucky thing
Hey Sam, Sam, was there treasure, for you to open at your leisure
Sam you am, that would be fun, being there with everyone,
Hey Sam, but wait there’s more, this time next year you’re turning four

I leave you with a couple of birthday photos with his fab new hat!

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G Downes said...

Was so great to spend time with you all and Sam last night. Spending time together seems like we have known each other for years. I really valued getting to know you all better and spending time with you all in your home. Thanks