Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Snot, Grot and Bubbles!

Yes Sam has had a horrible cold for 2 weeks now - his birthday week saw us avoiding his usual play groups so as not to pass on his bubbles to all the other little kids....and then we thought it was improving, then it didn't and now 2 weeks on I took him to the Dr today.... thankfully it is still just upper respiratory/sinus related and his lungs are sounding clear..... so we are just keeping a low profile, hanging out at home and watching lots of DVDs and chilling.  If he gets any more temps or it worsens we will head back to the Dr, and have a Friday appointment booked in anyway just to check.  I chatted with his GP and we agreed it is a hard call to give him extra antibiotics as he has been on one or two sorts since birth and the normal abx she would have prescribed he is probably resistant too, so if he can fight this himself, then that would be better.  So we are just taking it a day at a time, lunging for the tissues before Sam wipes it all across his face, but he is very fast and 9 times out of 10 his cheeks/hair/chin win the race!

On Saturday Sam had his first paying job!  He was a patient for the Royal Australasian College of Physicians medical exams, so we spent Saturday morning at Greenlane Hospital being examined/interviewed by some nervous looking Doctors - his wages gratefully received and quickly spent on ...... nappies!  Sam is now 17 kg, on the 95th percentile for weight and 3rd percentile for height for his age - he is wearing size 4 clothes to get a waist to go around him and then I cut off about 5 inches off the legs!  So getting nappies to fit him are also a challenge, when kids his size/weight are toilet trained.  We are eligible for nappies from the incontinent service when he is 5 - that's a lot of nappies and money til then, but we do have a potty that one day I will get the nerve to see if we can't toilet train him, but at the moment that is in the too hard basket for me.

On Monday Sam was seen by the Ear Nose Throat specialist (ENT) as he was referred due to his night time waking and snoring.  She said if he had no other medical issues she would have booked him in for a tonsilectomy straight away as he has very large tonsils, but as he is not a straight forward case he is being referred for an overnight sleep study to find out exactly how these whopping tonsils affect him, as they have to weigh up risks against benefit of removal etc.... so we watch the post and await the booking for an overnighter in Starship.

On Monday Sam has a gastro appointment followed by an immunology follow-up, on Thursday he has a home physio visit and Friday week (22) we have to have him in Starship by 8am ready for a dental procedure under GA - as he vomits so much the acid is wrecking havoc on his teeth, so they are going to coat all his teeth in a protective coating, which is about a 45 min procedure.  We are hoping it's straight forward and we can just be in and out in the day and he doesn't have any adverse reaction to the GA.

So although the blog's been quiet, Sam is always keeping us busy, but he keeps us laughing as his speech is developing every day and he is hilarious!

I guess my underlying nervousness at the moment is just trying to shift this horrible cold and that it doesn't move south and make home in his chest.  It's been a long lingering cold and we are praying for him to clear it, but we have the GP appointment tomorrow anyway just for my peace of mind.

Thanks for your love and prayers, S



G Downes said...

Just shows how life with our unique families is never plain sailing and that your diary is often busier than an executive or business man.

Lets hope that Sams smile and fun adventures with boxes etc keep the bugs up top where they belong until he can kick them.

Danielle has just had a big stroppy at school and her high end anger has landed her suspended for two days with a review after that before she can return. God bless the trust that has accepted her as family and handle all her tidal mood swings with a real Whanau strength.

Hugs to Sam and the girls.

The Dockers said...

Hi guys, you are never far from our minds. Sure hope Sams chest remains clear and that he is feeling better by the time you get this. Much love xxxx

Merry Fitzpatrick said...

Hi Shirley,
It sounds like you're on a good track with Sam and his iron.

I'm working on my PhD in nutrition and have a whole medical library at my fingertips. Most medical journals want a subscription to get access to their articles and my school has most of them. If you ever want something like this DKT researched, let me know and I can do it quickly.

Hope all continues to get better,


Merry Fitzpatrick said...

Hi Shirley,

Not sure if you remember me from World Concern. I've been following your blog for some time and am amazed at your stamina and thrilled at Sam's progress.

Right now I'm working on my PhD in nutrition. Just a thought, but only a small portion of the iron in plants is absorbed, even with orange juice. I'm not sure if you can, not knowing all of Sam's digestive uniquenesses, but if you use liver instead of greens (still with OJ), Sam might absorb much, much more, plus get a good bit of Vit A which will help him mobilize the iron he does have in his body. If you want to talk about this at all, my email is