Friday, July 20, 2012


It's 4.15pm on Friday and I just got a call from Sam's consultant - never a good thing!  His blood work taken last week shows he has high sodium, so we need to get into Starship asap tonight to start sorting out his nutrition and levels.  So there goes the weekend.... quick pack up now and will see what tomorrow holds. Sam also has conjunctivitus and a possible uti (I sent a sample in yesterday) so he is a bit rundown. His mother is also a bit rundown with the last 2 days in bed with sore throat/head etc...and Sam's dad is totally exhausted as he's had 2 sleepless nights with Sam (as Sam's mother sick) and then he's had to go to work!  So the silver lining is that Francis gets a whole night sleep tonight and Sam will get sorted!

On Sunday it is a very special day in our family as Francis parents celebrate 45 years married.... so I will be pushing for day release on Sunday so Sam and I can join the afternoon with the family.

Right, where is my hospital mug and Sam's favourite DVDs.... X

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Kate Manson said...

Will cross my fingers and toes that you get out asap xox