Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hello Nurse

Sam is sitting on a chair, hooked up to an I.V fluid playing with a car and a book - he is simple to entertain.  We are on Ward 25b, landing here at about 10 last night, after a few hours in C.E.D.  More bloods were taken to check his sodium level, then he was hooked up to clear fluids (not TPN) and his normal enteral feed...but this was about 11pm, 5 hours later than normal.... hence why it's been a long day hooked up today....

His urine grew ecoli, which it has done before and is easily treated with a few abx, currently he is on IV abx, as we can be 100% sure he is getting the benefit of it....and he has diarrohea to prove he is on abx!  His sodium levels are back to 141 (140 - 145 is normal), he was 148 before they started the infusion.  Tonight they are going to start him back on TPN.  He is also have an eye cream abx for his conjunctivitus, which, as you can imagine, is pretty awful to administer....but a necessary evil.

I have had a lazy day and managed to read a book: Mitch Albom, 'The five people you meet in heaven', so almost feels like a holiday.  Thankfully we are in a room with a working tv (is a lottery in this place - you win if you get a tv that works, lose if you in isolation with no reception - it can vary from room to room) but we are celebrating our 'win' today!

The girls have had a great day from all accounts - Candace on a play date then a birthday party, Jasmine visiting Kelly Tarltons with Dad and friends....and they don't know it yet but they are both going for a sleep over to Aunty Sarahs tonight, which they will be so excited about - they love hanging with their cousins.  AND then I get to go home and sleep in peace and quiet and Francis gets to sleep in noise and monitors beeping at Starship - I win big time!!!!

Not totally sure of the plan, but I heard a rumour of wait and see for 48 hours, so we could be out of here on Monday if Sam continues well and we get him home on abx I can give him..... that's what we're hoping and praying for.

Oh, the reference to 'hello Nurse' in the title is each time Sam's nurse comes in he calls out, 'hello nurse', then as she leans to read his pumps he puts his hand out of the cot and pats her on the back - it's very cute...he is making friends! and then he pipes up, 'thank you nurse' as she leaves.

The silver lining about sitting in hospital with a child is I have nothing to do but sit and enjoy being with him - it is actually really lovely to watch his face reacting to things and smiling at books etc...just being with him without the demands of I really did win!

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