Sunday, August 5, 2012

28 October 2012


The great unveiling of the slime green slow moving thing is above.  3 months ago I started training for the Auckland HALF marathon (please don't mistake it for the full one!).  I did this for a bunch of reasons, but the thing that keeps me training is that I want to raise funds for the KIDS FOUNDATION, which is the pediatric arm of IDFNZ (Immune Deficiency Foundation of NZ).  This organisation support many families that have the heart ache of facing liver and kidney transplants, upheaval from home for months/years on end to Auckland, ongoing advocacy and support of families and siblings of ill kids.  They are a charity that we are very grateful to as they have been very practical in the sharing of information, advocacy, support whilst in hospital etc.  They are focusing this year on a huge mission, to raise funds to purchase a building in Auckland for families to stay in.  We are fortunate to live in Auckland, so we can only imagine how hard it is for families that are uprooted from their support systems, unable to work as they support their loved one through hospital - this home away from home will fill a huge need and it would be great to be able to help in some small way.

So my first sporting sponsorship deal is 2 free lime green t-shirts and a white cap - not exactly a Nike campaign, but for now I'm just grateful that they chose a cap to co-ordinate with the colour of my legs - it was an honest mistake to crop my legs out for which you should all be grateful for!

In the coming days I will be putting info on my facebook and this blog of how people can donate to this cause.  There are hundreds of great charities vying for money and times are tight, so if you felt inclined to give it would be gratefully received by KIDS Foundation.  Equally if you can't financially support this run, I hope your awareness has been raised about a sub-group of people that until we had Sam, we had no knowledge of.  When I get organised I will put some links up for you to read more about this cause and bank details.  If you aren't able to support, you are most welcome to watch and laugh (in private) at my training, and on Oct 28 whilst you are still sleeping, I will be running over the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Yesterday was my long run for the week - 11 kms in 1 hour 2 mins - I set off on my run after watching the Olympics 10km women run their race in 30 mins, but I figure being twice their age, half their height and twice their weight, running at half their speed is allowed!

When a muscle aches, or I feel like giving up, I think of the 'Sams, Alice's and Madi's' of this world, who have aches and pains and struggles every day and they don't give up - they don't give up smiling, they don't give up bringing us joy and life lessons inspite of their daily aches and pains.

We have learnt so much from Sam and his buddies, I'm looking forward to learning to persevere and help in a little way.  I'm aiming at doing it under 2 hours (which is sort of possible if I keep going with the training as I've been doing) and next year I really want to do a full marathon.!

This week is a quiet one for Sam, which is good, as the last 3 weeks we have had lots of appointments.  Next week is busy again, so we will enjoy attending his usual music groups, doing his physio with him and having fun!

Shirl. X


The Doughertys said...

Count us in for supporting you, anyone who trains for a half at your age deserves to be on the podium!!! Go you good thing. Fi xx

Jude Crump said...

You go girl!! You are an inspiration!!! xxx Jude and co

Simon Duan said...

Hey you go girl Shirley! Simon and Nats here, just wondered if you can pass on your skype details so we can give you a call - it was soooo great to see you when Franky was in town. We have Katie and Peter Cartlidge (nee Latimer) here with us at the mo and showed them your blog on Samuel.