Sunday, August 12, 2012

Funny.... then not so funny....

On Wed I noticed Sam getting a little grizzly over silly things, then on Thursday his urine started looking rather cloudy, so I needed to drop a urine sample into the local lab.  We live 6 traffic lights from the lab, so it can easy take 15 - 20 mins when traffic is bad, plus I think my car was installed with some secret sensor that the lights turn red when I'm coming.  Needing to also go for my training run and only have my carer for another hour, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and run to the lab as there are footpaths that cut through.  So I set off with my water bottle in my right hand and Sam's urine sample in my left hand.... or was it the other way around?? 10 minutes into my run and I have a dry throat and decide to take a swig.... at this point the hilarity of the situation dawns on me and I smile then laugh out loud... just at the point of passing some guy washing his car in his drive... he looked up and gave me a smile/grimace - not sure.... but at that point Dr Seuss' great quote that dons our fridge came to mind:  'Those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind'.  So I toasted him with a fluid of sorts (not sure which hand it was!) and ran on to the lab. The concerned lab assistant who inquired at my state of redness, happily chirped how she had done the full marathon 6 times!  'Goodie for you love,' .... I've just run 15 mins and I look like this!  So that was the funny moment.

The not so funny moment was the next day when the consultant phoned to confirm Sam does indeed have another urine infection.  Thankfully it is a type that should respond to oral antibiotics, so he is still at home on new meds.

We've been trying different things at night to see if it will help Sam sleep - sadly no matter what we do (putting his stomach on drainage or not), the outcome is the same.  He is averaging 7 times waking each night, so we will chat about this again with the consultant tomorrow when we have clinic at Starship.

So this week sees Sam in Starship on Monday for a gastro clinic & monthly blood tests, Tuesday he has physio here at home at 8.30am.

The liver experiment didn't go very well either - twice it blocked the G tube which was rather stressful.  After 2 hours of trying to push various substances in it to dissolve the liver as per Google searches, we tried Coca Cola - wow, what does that stuff do to our insides.... it dissolved it all in a couple of minutes!  So we now have a supply of Coke (full sugar variety) stashed in our pantry.

Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement.  I will leave you with a picture of Sam having fun being a pirate.



G Downes said...

Love your positive humor and seeming ability to focus on the up side of life. Must try and catch up some time in the near future as I really enjoy your open friendly home, personalities and kids..... Yeah all of ya....

Kate Manson said...

Gosh you're a talented writer Shirley - this recount brought a big smile :)