Friday, September 7, 2012

A Wish Box!

Make a Wish popped in on us yesterday.... in the famous words of Miranda's Mum - 'SUCH FUN!'.

So generous and age/interest specific for Sam - I think these ladies have THE best job in the world!  Sam opened the first little green truck thing and proceeded to play with it for about 10 mins with zero interest in the rest of the goodies... we still haven't opened it all, but what we have opened he is just loving playing with and to have some new DVDs for his hours when he is hooked up and having to sit immobile is great.  They even had gifts for the girls.... THANK YOU Make a Wish... you really made a little boys day!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome!!! Many happy hours ahead for Sam! Bronwyn W :)

The Dockers said...

That is truely cool, made us all smile. PS......Col says that you look great in your green t-shirt and that you've lost truck loads of weight. Go you. Hows the training going and how do we get to sponser you??? Much love from Tauranga.xxxx