Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day One School Holidays... off to Starship!

UPDATE at 11.45AM
We just arrived home!  Urine samples were sent off and showed that he definitely has an infection, so they decided to give him an IV antibiotic...and we were sent home on once a day IV dose, so the Home Care Nurse will be popping in each day for the next 5 days to do that.  SO GLAD WE GOT HOME and in such super fast time!!!!  Sam is happy and playing with cars!

Sam had a bad night - temp and miserable... So it's 8.10am and we're packed and off to Starship.  99% sure it's the UTI back again - was suspicious it hadn't cleared 100% on Wed when his antibiotics ended.  He will need IV abx - hoping can do it via a push in his central line (can be at home) and not an infusion (have to be in Starship).  Had so many plans today ..... my long run, girls have piano, then it was gardening, then my friends 40th and the desserts are in the fridge ready to go....

But plans aside - Sam needs fixing.  Praying for grace for the girls as they are in 'unknown' land again - already the questions are flying, 'Will you have to stay in?', 'for how long??'.... Praying for Sam that his body can do the business and with meds on board fight this infection.

To all these questions we currently have no answers, but we know our day is being watched and guided by the great God of this universe that caused the sun rise today and the rain that fell overnight to keep the grass growing.... and because of that we have peace and hope.



Kate Manson said...

Am reading this post and crossing my fingers and toes that you and Sam are at home enjoying the hols with your girls and hubby :)

G Downes said...

Hope Sams infection is responding well to the IV push at home and that you have had some time to spend with your family visiting over the holidays.
Thinking of you all.