Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We are so very fortunate

Sam is doing really well - happy and growing and the one night off TPN on IV Fluids is our break in the week where we all sleep!  So the IV fluids are going to be increased to two nights a week.

It is progress.... yet today our hearts are very heavy and sad for a very special girl called Madison, who we have shared many a month on ward 26B.  I have never met a little lady like her - so advanced in speech and skills (I stood and watched as she chose leggings and a top and dressed herself at 13 months of age!), so full of fun and supported by an amazing Mum.  Like Sam she has a condition that sees her getting all her nutrition not via her mouth....but unlike Sam her body struggles with having lines in it....  well she's had a really rough few weeks and her parents have had to make some very hard decisions.   We can imagine a little of their heart ache and today we are praying for Madiee and her family.... we have grown to know and love Madiee and her Mum - Starship forges some special relationships yet ironically it's a place we never want to be...... today they will be in thoughts and prayers and we will hug our 2 girls extra long and hard as they leave for school, and savor my day hanging with Sam.

Today I shall not get angry about the wet towels strewn by my daughters in the bathroom and the badly loaded dishwasher....I will love helping them grown and learn and do it with thankfulness.

May you be able to take time to stop and enjoy those around you today.  If you get a mo' and are inclined, please pray for Madiee and her darling Mum Alana.



G Downes said...

It is amazing how people you share your ups and downs with can become so close they are almost family. My thoughts are with you both. You really know how to word things that can be so personal and deep in such a way it is hard not to laugh or cry along side you. Thank you for sharing your family and personal life with us all reminding me so often of the true blessings we have in our family.

The Dockers said...

So say all of us. xxx

Kate Manson said...

We're sending Madison, Alana and family lots of positive vibes and love - our hearts are aching for them xox