Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A New Term - THREE kids at school!

We had a great time over the school holidays - lots of cousins were around from various parts of NZ and the kids loved hanging out with them and cheering on a hockey champ cousin at the nationals - even Sam got into the chanting of 'go Marcelle'.  Sams UTI cleared up without any issues and he loved having his siblings around during the day too.

We discovered friends have the complete set of CHiPs - Californian Highway Patrol - yes the suave 70's motorcycle police.... it's a welcome relief from Thomas the Tank Engine as Sam loves the non stop action of cars and motorbikes... he even shouts out the cheesy one liners, 'pull over!' etc.  It is very cute and we are all enjoying watching it (we think we might get Francis some tight white stubbie shorts for Christmas and then he wouldn't be far off looking like Poncherello?!).

Today I had a meeting with the Ministry of Education who have been amazing at sorting out Sams kindergarten placement and needs.  Unlike the Ministry of Health they have been so fast and efficient, came and met Sam and saw the obvious needs and had it signed and sealed in a week!  So on Thursday SAM IS STARTING AT KINDERGARTEN!  I put that in bold letters as I want to shout it out and jump up and down as it is nothing short of a miracle.  He has come so far and I just know he will love it.  He is very social and loves the stimulation of people and activities.  The Min of Ed have approved that he has a carer with him for 2.5 hours X 5 days, so that is very generous.  We are planning on starting Sam with 2 mornings -Tues and Thurs and just take it slowly and see how he copes with it.

Next week I am meeting with Ministry of Health to discuss progress of our funding that was agreed on May 11 (yes, 5 months ago) that apparently is going to be in place 'shortly'.....hmmm....

Today we went to Mainly Music to say goodbye to our very dear friends as he will now be going to Kindergarten instead.  We started taking Sam about 18 months ago, when he was needing a milk pump during the day and could only sit if supported - what a sight we must have looked arriving with all his pumps and tubing etc.... and today he charges around clapping and singing and squealing with delight.   He has loved Mainly Music at Cession Community church and they will always hold a soft spot in our heart.  It's been a place not just for Sam, but one where I (& his faithful carer A) have met many lovely people who have nourished our souls and our waistlines over coffee and cake.

Sams night vomits continue to be improving (maybe only 3 or 4 times waking each night) so it's so much better!

Only 12 more sleeps til the half marathon!  Unfortunately I met a set back last week with me having the runs, rather than going for runs (too much info?), so I had 5 days I didn't get out as felt pretty foul.... so I've resigned myself to the fact that with my finely honed training programme out the window, I may not actually win the thing.... But I'm really looking forward to it!

Grandma arrives up next week (I'm not sure if she was hoping to do the half marathon with me??) so will be fab to have her around for a bit.

I leave you with a couple of photos - one of his 'graduation' from mainly music today and the other loving having cousin Jackie reading to him in his cot!



Lynette said...

Yay Kindy!! Wonderful news! I'm sure he'll love it & they will love him!! So wonderful hearing all the progress he's making! All the best for the marathon Shirl!! You go you good thing!!xo :-)

Anonymous said...

GRAND NEWS about Kindergarten, hope you BOTH enjoy it lots and lots!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Great to hear the ministry of education responded so quickly and with such a good outcome. Pleased to hear you had some nice family time over the school holidays. All the best for your run.
Love Raewyn and Andy

Liz Kelso said...

We will miss you, Sam and A so much, it's been really special to have you as a part of our Mainly Music group... but so happy that Sam has the opportunity to go to kindy like he should!! Hope you can pop in to playgroup occasionally on Wednesdays :) Much love from all of us. Liz xxxxxxxx

Vania said...

Sam will always hold a soft place in my heart. has been amazing to watch him transform in the time we have spent with him on Tuesdays at cessions mainly music. you will be awesome at kindy Sam! love Vania (& Asha) Xx

The Dockers said...

Hi guys, havent been on your blog for weeks as life has been crazy here too. I cannot beleive thats our Sammy in the photos!!!!! Incredible. He has grown so much. So neat that he is starting kindy......best years of their lives. Not sure about the white stubbies for Francis!!! Altho that was one of my favourite programmes growing up Im not quite sure its the look we would want for your man. Hope life is treating you well and you are getting some good nights sleep, fantastic news. Love you guys to the moon and back. Fi

Kate Manson said...

Yay! Great news re Kindergarten. First time in my life I've heard someone say something positive about the Min of Educ (I'm a cynical teacher lol).