Saturday, October 27, 2012


Well, as I now go to kindy, I thought I would write and tell you how much I LOVE it!  Every day I wake up and say, 'Kindy Mummy?', but sometimes I am disappointed as I only get to go on Tuesday and Thursday and not everyday!

My teacher is very nice and gives me cuddles when I arrive and then I just go crazy, cos I can't figure out which best thing to start with!  BUT then I remember I have to put my cup on the BLUE tray, cos I'm in the BLUE group!  Once I have put my cup on the tray I get so excited and shout, 'I Did it!!!'... then I rush over to sit at a table to do blocks, or play dough and then I see there is painting in another room and I want to rush over there.... but on the way I see that 'Blues Clues' is on one of the computers in the computer room so I start to run there...and then I get so excited at the choices that I stand and scream and clap with excitement overload.... it is SUCH fun!  If it is not raining (we do live in Auckland!) we get to play outside and that is crazy fun, as there is a big swing for two kids and a sandpit with a boat in it and again I don't know what to do first so I squeal with excitement and I don't know why but all the grown ups that work there seem to like that and it makes them smile!

I am lucky that my special carer 'A' comes with me which is very good, as last week my ilieostomy bag popped and it was stinky and it went all over my clothes and they had to change everything... but it was ok as I was still able to shake a maracca and sing whilst they did it!  How cool is that!!

Tonight Mum is going away - but just so she doesn't wake us all up at 4am tomorrow morning when she has to get up to go for a run.... she said she has to get a boat by 5.10 am to get to Devonport to run with a bunch of other people... I think it would be better if she stayed in bed, but she is quite excited about it and she said she is so happy that people are so kind and are giving her money to run - my sisters said it's funny, cos she doesn't even run that fast!

Grandma is sleeping on our couch at the moment which is really cool, cos when I wake up and am still hooked up to my two pumps, I get to watch Mickey Mouse and she gets to watch it too!

I need to go for a ride in the car now and pick up my sisters from their piano practice....rides in cars get me excited too....but I will leave you with some photos of my days at Kindy.

Bye, Sammy


Patricia said...

A delightful post, Shirley. Sam makes me smile broadly, too! He is such a joy and delight.
Wishing you a great run, I'm thinking of you. Xxx

Lynette said...

Oh Sammmy, kindy is so much fun eh?! And I can see why your teachers would be smiling at you & giving you cuddles cause you are obviously so adorable & enthusiastic about everything!!
I hope you are all going to be cheering mum on when she is doing her running even if the girls dont think she runs very fast! (I'm sure she does wonder woman!) I love hearing about all your exciting news & hopefully one day I might be able to meet you & give you a cuddle too! Cya later dude xo

Anonymous said...

Wow, love to see that Sam is so happy at kindy. Hope you enjoyed your run Shirley. Well done and good on you!! You are an inspiration. Michael and boys loved catching up with you all. Danielle Richards xx

Danielle Richards said...

So happy to read that Sam is loving kindy. Hope your run went well Shirley. You are an inspiration, good on you!! Michael and boys loved catching up with you all. Love Danielle xx

Anonymous said...

How fabulous
Love Raewyn and Andy

The Dockers said...

Sammy, you are too cool for school. XXXXXXXXXXXX