Monday, November 26, 2012

Challenges..... but great to have them!

Ok, so if I didn't explain what two of the photos are today, I'm not sure you'll guess, so let me explain!

We had the privilege of attending the Royal Performance of Hairy Maclary two weeks ago, as attended by Prince Charles and Camilla - Make a Wish kindly sent us some tickets and Sam, Candace and a carer came along..... saw the royals from up close, but rather tricky to get a photo whilst wrestling with a 3 year old who had totally lost interest in being there!  The outfit was supposed to be a cat (well a leopard is!) and hence the tenuous tie in with the show.

The above comments draw me down to the 2nd photo where Sam looks like he's about to be frisked by a Policeman!  This is infact Sam in his naughty 'time out corner'.  He has become like any other defiant disobedient little boy, but we don't have the usual tools of food treats to blackmail/discipline (it's the same isn't it??) him with..... so much of our parenting with the two girls was around food! 'If you're good you might get dessert', 'if you're naughty you won't get dessert', 'I need you to sit quietly through this event, sit and munch quietly on these' etc et al.  So we are having to think long and hard about how we creatively parent Sam.  The 'time out' corner works a treat and he wanders over there and puts himself in this position all by himself and the rest of the family try our hardest not to laugh out loud!  After a few minutes I say, 'Is Sam going to be good now?' and he says, 'Yes Mummy, sorry' and comes out truly repentant with a changed attitude - wish it had been that easy with the first two!  We have a sticker chart already on his bed, but that is for when he sits still each week and has a medical procedure done - so it's hard to use normal tools when we've been using them for over a year for his medical stuff and they're not related..... anyway, anyone out there with suggestions, all humbly received.

The third one shows that summer is nearly here and Sam is so good at wearing his hat.  He has a new hat collection thanks to his buddy Toby and he totally is sold on 'Slip, Slop, Slap'!  Cool - one less battle.

Last week we had two appointments at Starship - one was an ultrasound which he screamed and thrashed through as I held him down and they couldn't find what they were looking for anyway - have decided as Sam is going to be old enough to read this one day I'm going to keep his modesty intact - I realise it is hugely too late, but no time like the present!  The 2nd appointment was with gastro who were so pleased to see how he is doing and it's just more of the same.  Sam was very delighted to find out the colours of the cars that the consultant and nurse specialist drive - he has added their cars/colours to his ever growing list!

Thursday is an important day for us all - at 1.30 pm two people are coming to visit to chat through our new funding plan.  Honestly it's hard to exaggerate how pleased I am that after 6.5 months finally it looks like we could be getting there.  As we are the first family in NZ with a long term chronic kid to have changed their funding stream it's been an upheaval for all, but I truly believe it will bring a better quality of care for our kids and peace for the families.  So I am relieved to finally be here.

Right, off to sleep, so I can get up and get ready to sort Sam ready for kindergarten tomorrow.


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