Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jekyll and Hyde?

The last 24 hours has been interesting - I write this blog from the comfort of home, with Sam sleeping SILENTLY (No snoring like a train!) in his room!

Thanks for those that have remembered him in prayer - the ENT consultant said the operation went really well.  His tonsils were very large, but the plus size is that they were on stalks, so the actual cut/scar was very minimal, so she felt the pain levels would be less than someone with smaller tonsils but ones that were wide/flat with a larger cut.  His adenoids were also removed and she noted he has an abnormally narrow airway.  I learnt something yesterday - adenoids can grow back, tonsils don't (occasionally do if not all was removed the first time).

Post Op was very interesting as Sam responded particularly badly to the anesthetic!  I was called to help settle him after they had given him another sedative and some more morphine - which did nothing!  He was screaming, hitting, throwing anything he could lunge at and grab, kicking, after about 20 mins they gave him another 2 doses but still had no affect!  He was so strong and so determined.  We swaddled him in a sheet to get oxygen prongs on him as he needed them, but he was just hysterical and fought himself free and had them off in a flash.... twice!  So it was a relief that he finally collapsed in my arms about an hour later... enough to transfer him to PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit)..... and he sort of carried on a bit here too.  He was gagging a bit and breath holding - turning purple when his oxygen saturation was getting down to about 30% (it should be 100%)... at which point he almost would go unconscious/floppy and then take a deep breath and scream.... the screaming was a better scenario to silence!  I must remember to cut his nails before we go in next time, as he was scratching my face and just going crazy - he really was a different person.

But he slept well from about 9pm and it was so strange to not hear him breathing and snorting.... he still woke to vomit around 6 times.  I 'slept' nearby to help him through the night and he awoke around 6am..... totally happy and placid and chatting away like nothing had happened.

People aren't normally discharged home from PICU - they are normally stabilised in PICU and then sent to the ward.... well Sam walked out of PICU shouting 'bye' to everyone and hugs and kisses for the nurses! So when we arrived home around 12, I went straight to bed for the afternoon and Sam went straight to bed for a nap.  He is on antibiotics to cover his throat healing, which is normal, plus just paracetemol for pain relief if needed.  His voice does sound quite different, so it will be interesting to see if this stays with this new tone or if it will change as his throat heals.

So we are very grateful for how quickly he has bounced back and it is great to see him hug and kiss his sisters and Dad when we got home - also good medicine for a sore throat I think!


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Patricia said...

Dear Shirls,
I haven't checked your blog for weeks. Loved the summer pics and pleased it was such a great holiday.
Now the op is behind, (what a torrid tim for Sam)and you can enjoy the delightful, cheerful company of Sam!!
Keep your blogs coming, I love keeping in touch.