Sunday, January 13, 2013

Summer Fun!

The blog has been quiet as we've been at the beach for a couple of weeks!  It was such fun to be out in the great NZ summer and discover some beautiful beaches and swimming spots just north of Auckland.

We got a call whilst on holiday saying that Sam was on an urgent surgical list for tonsils and adenoids to be taken out.... so this Wed lunchtime we will be heading in for the surgery sometime in the afternoon.  In comparison to his many other operations, this would be considered minor, but Sam has the added complications of not being able to eat/drink so he won't be able to sooth the discomfort with a lemonade ice block, plus due to his gastro issues he vomits ... so I'm guessing this acidic addition to tonsil scars will be highly horrible for the poor wee man.  Normally T & A's are a day procedure, but we will be staying in as clearly Sam isn't a normal case.

We know it needs doing but so wish he didn't have to.  As it is school holidays, we're hoping we can at least get home by the weekend, as the girls will be itching to have their little bundle of entertainment back!

I leave you with a few photos of Sam at the beach - it took 2 days to get him from screaming in terror at the sand and surf, to sitting in it slightly!  And as we were hours at the beach whilst the girls tried their hand at boogey boarding and surfing, Sam was quite content as long as he had some shade and a car and anything that could become a garage (my sunhat!)

It would be great if you could remember Sam and the medical team on Wednesday afternoon in prayer, and for his post op recovery.

Hoping you are all having a great start to the year.


Lea Davis said...

So lovely to catch up with how Sam has been doing after some months. He looks like a very happy little chappy, someone who enjoys life and brings joy to those around him. I loved the quiet, time out corner - and I love that it works, he comes back a changed boy.

Congrats,too, on the run, Shirley! Fantastic effort to do that time on your first half.

Matthew Banks said...

Loving those photos at the beach (it is FREEEEZING in Farnham today).

Praying for Sam and the medical team today and post op.

Happy New Year to you all! Matthew, Helen, Millie, Lucy xxx