Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy in hospital

I am writing this from my iPhone so not sure what it will be like! Sam is watching Bob the builder on the laptop. He had surgery this morning and it went well. He has big drain in his bladder and will have for next 48 hours. He is on I.v antibiotics to cover him post surgery and once his urine sample culture grows the bugs they may change the abx. Amazingly his blood work shows that Sam has normal kidney function! Inspite of them being under pressure and enlarged to nearly double size the various levels that indicate function haven't changed, so we are so relieved and grateful for that.
The girls are at our saintly friends house(again!) and Francis is at a work meeting tonight. I will sleep in here the night.  Hopefully we can get home for the weekend and return on Monday for his cvl surgery, which shouldn't be a major.

Thanks lord for watching over our boy, for protecting his kidneys and giving him the courage for today. Thanks for friends that love our girls and look after them when we can't and thank you for the many caring staff here in starship who are so delighted to see Sam and are looking after him.

Thank you readers for your care, prayer and support. X

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